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Archangel Power Tarot Cards Review (Revised Edition)

Archangel Power Tarot Cards were the second Tarot deck created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Not many people know but the deck has since completely been revised and updated with new artwork for many of the cards. I will review what I think to the deck and show you some of the changes against the old cards.

Why I Waited so long to buy this Deck

I loved Doreen and Radleigh's Angel Tarot Cards but held off getting Archangel Power Tarot Cards . I had been put off by a number of bad reviews for this deck on Amazon when it was first released. The issues people had were to many photographic faces, too many cameos of authors and to many smiles? Some figures looked stuck on and didnt blend well with the background. Perhaps the stangest issue was that alot of people didn't like the way the people on the cards "looked directly at them"...

I loved the concept behind the deck. Another Tarot deck which was super easy to read with, an Archangelic theme and a focus on motivational messages.

I wasn't sure about the artwork and a few cards had photographic images in which looked very out of place. But I kept going back to it and each time I would talk myself out of getting it. The truth is it is currently rated 4.5 stars on which is pretty good for anything on there.

This Summer 2015 I finally decided to listen to my intuition and get it anyway because I knew there must be a reason I kept coming back to the deck. I hardly ever like all the cards in a Tarot or Oracle deck so I bought it.

First Impressions and The Changes

I am so glad I got this deck. I didn't even know the artwork had been revised or changed (Says nothing online). The card I most disliked is now altered completely and in keeping with the other cards. If you purchase this Tarot deck new today it will be the revised version.

Many of the card images online which show a photographic collage image have since been replaced with a painted or CGI image. Many cameos have been removed. I have no idea how many cards have changed, some changes are really subtle such as the direction the person is looking or a change of expression.

These are far more in keeping with the deck's look and theme and without a doubt a huge improvement. This shows they do listen to what people are saying.

The deck is gilded in gold and has a slightly fantasy art style, but not as much as Angel Tarot Cards. The images are bolder and less detailed. A few cards have a more modern or vintage look to them. Here are some examples of the changes I spotted with my deck and those from the old edition.

The old Moon card featured Doreen but now a new angel takes her place

The old card was more stylised, smiling and looking forward. New card is more realistic
and looking down

The old angel wore a hat and was smiling. The new card has a different head with neautral expression

Old version had a photo of auther Robert Reeves and his book which is now replaced with
CGI or painted image with old book

Old version was smiling and may have been Doreen? New card is more contemplative, not Doreen

The old card featured two men in modern dress. New card shows men separated (Did people complain?) in old world clothing with wands. Photographics faces look very familar...

Old card in modern dress, hair is anti-gravity? New card has classic Greek clothing, bald
and looks more natural

My Favourite Cards

11- Strength, 16 - Change Your Life, 4 - The Emperor, 9 - Epithany, Eight of Raphael, Nine of Michael, Page of Raphael, Queen of Gabriel, Seven of Raphael...

Three of my favourite cards in the deck

The Major Arcana

Like the the Angel Tarot Cards each card is based on an Archangel with their name appearing on each card. Several cards have been renamed like the Fool, Hanged Man, Death, The Tower and Judgement. Strength and Justice are numbered in the original order pre Smith Waite Tarot. To be honest I don't mind the changes and understand why they do this.

I still work with traditional Tarot card decks myself. I like the accessability of Doreen and Radleigh's Tarot cards and the ease of use. I do think it would be helpful if future Tarot decks they make stuck with one set of renamed cards to make it easier to move between decks.

The Suits

The suits are rulled by one of the four cardinal Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel with less focus on the suit symbols in the artwork. In each card the Archangel appears acting like a Guide to the people in the images.

Who this Deck is For

The deck is ideal for questions relating to people's life choices, goals and ambitions. If your feeling like you need support during a challenging time. If  you need motivation or are feeling disempowered. If you need courage and confidence to make big changes in your life. If your running a small business yourself and lack any support circle this is a brilliant deck.

I find it gives me a positive motivational message for the day and that it is also very accurate and timely. It is also ideal for a 12 card monthly spread for the same reasons.



Archangel Power Tarot Cards are a hugely underated deck in my opinion sadly spoilt by dated reviews of the first edition which is no longer in print. I think it would serve Hay House publishing to make it more known and clear when they revise and update a deck.

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  1. Are the new ones on Amazon?

    1. Yes, I got mine there and think the revised version has been out for a while now. Make sure it is Amazon though not a third party seller who may have old stock.