Friday, 30 October 2015

Psychic Attack Experiences and Accusing Others - Storytime!

Things can look different in the night

Since I started using spiritual forums over 10 years ago one thing I've seen allot of is people accusing others of psychic attack either publicly, privately or through gossip. Needless to say this is often counter productive.

I have a true story to share of something that happened to me a few years ago which will make you think twice about doing this. I have never shared this story publicly before but I think it might be helpful. Even if you are sure you know who psychicly attacked you, this may make you seriously question yourself.

My Psychic Attack Experience

I was asleep and something made me wake up. Now I totally accept I could have been lucid dreaming but this does not really matter as some psychic attacks occur in the dream state. My room was dark but I could just make out a large figure stood at the end of my bed...

This person was wearing a black cloak. They were also facing away from me and did not seem to be aware I had woke up and seen them. Despite this I knew who this was by the way they looked, the build and hair gave it away but also their energy. This was someone who did not like me but I had not seen or heard from them in a long time.

They seemed to be breathing slowly, like they were meditating or something... I was wondering what they were doing here. As I opened my mouth to ask why they were in my bedroom they seemed to shift under the cloak, changing size and shape. They span around and I was in total shock as they had changed into my sister!

No sooner had they turned into the likeness of my sister they began screaming and clawing at me like someone out of a bad horror movie. It was honestly very scary but as I use psychic protection they quickly gave up unable to enter my aura or harm me and they vanished into the darkness. I was half asleep, confused thinking why was my sister just attacking me?

Of course I soon realised what I just witnessed and luckily I saw this person before they astral shape shifted or I may have blamed my sister. This person I believe may have been psychic snooping through astral travel or remote viewing. Maybe planning to borrow the form of someone close to me to disguise their own actions. Yes very creepy.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Luckily this person never did it again and nothing like this has ever happened since. Whatever really happened that night, it made me very aware of the type of trickery that could be possible by people that love drama or want to cover their tracks. Clairvoyance is not always reliable. Even if you see someone do something with your ability this may not be what or who you think it is.

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