Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Tarot Journal Update

Cover of my Tarot Journal

Its been a while since I shared anything on my Tarot Journal and learning journey (Original blog post here). I decided that as well as keeping a Tarot Journal I would break a habit that I feel is one of the main reasons I have struggled to really learn Tarot despite getting my first deck in the 90s.

How my Tarot Journal looked over a year ago

Sticking to one Tarot deck for learning

People will tell you to choose a Tarot deck that resonates with you. Been doing this for decades... The thing is if you are drawn to one deck and use it to learn with thats fine but I always see new decks I love. Many I felt were "The One" but find myself using different decks for different situations. Sometimes you can love the art but its impossible to read, or there is little resources for some obscure deck. Im much more careful now with this.

If you can select a more traditional deck, or one that is based closely on one but in the colours or style you like it is so much easier to learn with. I see these decks as a learning tool. These traditional decks are can be the key to understanding the Tarot. Once you understand the structure, traditional meanings and symbols you can work with so many other decks with ease.

My Learning Deck

I chose the Smith Waite Tarot, Ive always loved the Rider Waite Smith but seeing it reproduced with antique  colours just gives it so much appeal. By learning with one deck it allowed me to pick up most Tarot books and find relevant info and support in my studies. I found by sticking to just one deck also stopped the merry go round affect of picking different decks I felt like using. Its kind of like learning to drive in 7 different cars, its confusing and time wasting. Using a learning deck, which is traditional, is like the key that unlocks all the other decks. If nothing else has worked up to now, try this.

Tarot Books

I read several books to give me a more compete background to Tarot history, divinatory meanings, astrology associations to see different interpretations. I noted the meanings for upright and reversed cards that felt in keeping with what I saw in the images on the cards. It has to make sense or I dont add it. This has created quite a detailed set of possible meanings and over time ive added more of my own interpretations. If your starting a Tarot Journal I reccomend leaving about half the space for your own interpretations which will come with experience later. I believe intuition plays a big part but without a structure readings can be very hard.

Index page with symbols for recording readings quickly

Current photo of Tarot Journal now. Note page numbers in corners

Tarot Journal Collage

Inspired by seeing others journals I thought id have a go at creating a collage for the inner side of the front cover and first page. I searched Pinterest for images or Tarot cards and symbols that I feel represent the Tarot for me or its influences. I chose an antique and vintage theme, looking mostly at the inspiration behind the Smith Waite Tarot deck and the mystical and esoteric side of its symbolism. I created a board on Pinterest for the images I liked then later downloaded these and printed them onto matte self adhesive paper. I then cut these images out and could easily stick them into my journal creating my collage without messy glue.

Tarot collage, may add a few more things

The Tarot Decks im using now

Im currently mostly using Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot because I love the artwork, colours and how well it reads for me. Its based on the Rider Waite Smith system so its a smooth transition but feels very unique. I still use the Smith Waite deck also and a few others but those are the main two. I also repurchased the Thoth Tarot, after not owning it for many years.

Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot

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  1. Thanks for this, it's just the kick in the pants in needed to start a tarot journal.
    I've been looking at your blog- I hope you keep writing as it's informative and well written.

    1. Thank you and glad it helped you