Sunday, 3 May 2015

Free Spiritual Book Publishing Tips and Guide

I am currently watching these great free videos produced by publishers Hay House on the ins, outs and common pitfalls or getting your book published. I have been working on a book for years but the publishing process is daunting and can be confusing. Self publishing is becoming very popular but ive also seen it not work out for people.

These videos are really informative and have up to the minute advice from international publishers, successful authors and agents. The publishing world is changing fast, many people have a book but no real plan on getting it out there or reaching the right people. I really think these videos will save us from a lot of mistakes made by authors and help in writing that book.

The videos answer these questions by people who actually know what they are talking about such as. Should I go to a traditional publisher or self publish? Do I need an agent? How do I submit my book? Should I get a website named after my book title or my name? Is book cover design important?

This is a link to the first video you will need to sign up to watch and they will send you emails for the links to the other videos. I highly recommend you take notes on these videos for future reference.

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