Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Starchild Tarot - Starseed Interest

I came across The Starchild Tarot recently while on Instagram. Its a new independant self published deck by artist Danielle Noel with a galactic or starseed theme. She has created ethereal photo montages with breathtaking cosmic backgrounds, sacred geometry and high vibration colours. This Tarot was created for the Starseeds and Mystics of the World.

The deck is very contemporary but seems to be based loosely on the Rider Waite Smith tradition with a few significant changes and variations. Pentacles are now Crystals. There are very few cosmic/galactic or starseed interest decks out there and some are not great but this one really shines. For me there is a Pleidian and Lyran influence in some of the images, what do you think?

The deck looks high quality, has large format matte cards and comes with sturdy box and guidebook. For more info, art and where to get this Tarot can be found at the artists website:

My favourite card from the deck. Look how she channels cosmic light.

Beautiful colours.

Sacred Geometry on backs.

Portal to another Universe or a Starship? Looks like crystals in the background too.

Sacred Geometry. Some minor arcana cards do not feature any people.

Cosmic drifting...

Beam me up! Unique take on The Fool, retitled Starseed.

Crystalline Excaliber?

Has kittys too.

There is a strong female influence but it is not exclusive

The Orion constellation.

Has a vintage look to it but also Pleidian.

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