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How to Stop Nightmares with Crystals and Energy Healing

The following methods have worked for me. I rarely suffer from nightmares but when I have had one they leave me feeling quite off the following day and nervous that I will have more the next night. I know some people that have spates of nightmares which is very traumatic to experience.

I've stopped a string of nightmares in myself and for a friend so I am sharing what methods we used here. I do reccomend that you apply an action plan, using one or several of these methods below, especially if the nightmares are recurring. I sugesr you choose one energy clearing method and one crystal healing tool for best results.

1 - Clear Your Energy Field

Any kind of visualisation which is designed to clear your energy field or aura should help. Do this before bed to be the most effective. The Vacume Away Fear method is the most powerful ive tried and highly effective if the nightmares are caused by anxiety or fears.

Cosmic Energy Shower 

Close your eyes and visualise a cosmic energy shower, raining down over you. This shower is made of silver white light.

See it move all around you and pass straigt through your body. Ask in your mind that this shower cleanse, purify your aura. You can also do this while having a shower too if you prefer.

Salt Bath

If you just cant visualise you can use a traditional Sea Salt or Rock Salt bath. Place a handful of natural salt in the bath with some Lavendar Essential Oil or other cleansing herbs or oils such as Sage, Rose or Peppermint.

Vacume Away Fear

This method may seem very strange at first but it seems to work well, you can customise it to suit you by replacing angels with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and ask them to place their spiritual vacume into your Crown Chakra and vacume away all fears or fear based energies from your aura and energy body.

You may feel this happening and ask that when this has been done that they fill your Aura and Chakras with diamond white divine light and seal your aura.


2 - Crystal Healing Methods


Hematite Bracelet

This is very useful item to own. Look for an all Hematite bracelet made from round beads (important). You can easily find these, try searching for a basic "Hematite Power Bracelet" or "Hematite Mala Bracelet" which are usualy fairly inexpensive.

If nightmares are caused by things like psychic attack this highly protective crystal will block and disarm the source. It will also ground you. Wear the bracelet at night while you sleep and cleanse daily or often.

Citrine Crystal Point

Look for natural Citrine crystal points, these are not the easily available bright sunshine yellow and white crystals created by heat treating Amethyst. Nautral Citrine usually has a more golden colour like white wine and may be slightly smoky or brown.

I've known people stop recurring nightmares with this method alone used only once... Place a natural Citrine crystal point next to you on a bedside cabinate but bet sure to have the tip/point, pointing outwards away from your head/body. Leave it there while you sleep and always cleanse the following day.

Common heat treated Citrine (For Comparison)

Natural Citrine Polished Point

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