Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Natural Toothpaste and Fluoride Free Dental Health Pittfalls to Avoid

I was looking at updates on my Facebook feed and saw a friend sharing an article about an alternative method to treat cavities. The intro sounded promising, I personally havent used the method described (because I dont have any cavities).

The author said that they had been using 'Natural Toothpaste' but had decided to stop because they didnt like what was in the ingredients, such as things like 'Fluouride'... Firstly I have to seriously worry about getting health advice from someone who buys natural products and does not bother to read the box let alone the ingredients list. Just when I had removed my face from my palm, they then contined with her solution to this 'problem'. They decided it would be best to just "brush my teeth with water". Cringing at this point... No I cant put myself through this any more. Window closed.

Im really not surprsised this person had tooth cavities and to be honest im a little confused why people that use natural products or who have very healthy diets and lifestyles can have such bad dental problems.

Let me explain. I have been using natural Fluoride Free Toothpastes for at least 10 years. I have had no cavities or any dental work during this time and I visit a Dentist every year. In fact I have had no cavities since some time in the 90s to be honest.

I recently heard something from someone about how certain people have stronger teeth than others but I dont think this is the reason because my closest family members who all use conventional toothpastes with fluoride, all have regular problems with their teeth... Im not saying what works for me is the best thing or that this will work for everyone but in the words of my Dentist "Whatever your doing is working, so keep doing it". Ill share what I do here.

I dont know if its down to one method or product and I am a big believer that if you tackle something from many angles you have a better chance. Also with regards to ingredients, if you can get 100% natural then great but its not always possible(or affordabe), remember its certain synthetic chemicals which are an issue. Also remember Fluoride is a naturally occuring mineral so not everything 100% natural will be fluoride free... I do not believe in the all or nothing approach, any improvement is an improvement. More natural is the goal.

What I Eat and Drink - I am careful what I eat and drink (most of the time) which is what counts. I love Coke but I know it is like acid and I dont want diet drinks that contain nasties like aspartame.  I only have a glass on a weekend and sometimes none at all. I avoid sweets/candy unless its made with a natural sugar alternative such as Stevia or Xylitol. You can use these sugar alternatives for tea and coffee etc. I will have the odd cake or biscuit (cookie) but dont go crazy with them, they are treats.

What Toothpaste I use - In the begining I used a variety of natural toothpastes. Always check you are happy with all the ingredients. I avoid Fluoride but think its very important that a toothpaste contains strong proven antibacterial ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil to be really effective. Remember if it does not state on the front its Fluoride Free, then its is not! Look out for ingredients like Silica or Xyitol which is proven to remineralise your teeth. Aloe Vera is another good ingredient to look out for, but it must be at levels that work. I have been using Aloedent Toothpaste for the most part of the last decade. I use the Whitening version at the moment but all the range is good. I brush twice a day and use a regular toothbrush at night and an electric toothbrush in the morning. I use both up and down and round and round motions when I brush, the circular brushing is said to be the best so at least do that.

What about Mouthwash? - Ive only been using mouthwash regularly the last 2 or 3 years. I do think its extra protection and if you do have cavities or problems it is vital. Look for Fluoride free and Alchohol free and good strong natural antibacterial ingredients. Also look out for Witch Hazel (aka Winter Bloom). I have been using Dr Organic's Aloe Vera Mouthwash for some time now. This does not contain Fluoride but please note that their toothpaste does. I also have used and would also reccomend Aloedent Mouthwash, its very powerful.

What else I do - Ive been a gum chewer most of my life, little did I know that this was also good for my teeth by removing trapped food and balancing the PH of my mouth. You can get chewing gum which contains no artifical sweetners or sugar quite easily now. I highly reccomend you choose one with Xylitol in. I use a British company who make 100% natural chewing gum (yes) with real peppermint oil and Xylitol by Peppersmith. I will chew their gum after a meal or snack, especially if it contains sugar. I also love their Lemon Mints. This stuff is not cheap so if you like it, its best to buy in bulk, I now get boxes of them on Amazon.

Thats it really. Just be really careful trusting someone with your health who has only recently started using something and thinks its the best thing ever... If you enjoyed this blog post please comment, subscribe or share it! If sharing my blogs on your own blog, a website or forum, please copy it in its entirety including my web address as the original source of the writing.

Thank you

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