Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spiritual Book Reviews for Summer 2014

I am continuing my book reviews but I will try to keep my reviews short as possible from now on. These are books ive been reading over Winter and Spring really so they are a bit late.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall

I am huge fan of Judy's Crystal Bible series so the main reason I got this is actually for the astrological associations for every stone which is hard to find elsewhere and from a trusted source, Judy is a professional Astrologer also. This latest 2013 edition of this book contains I think pretty much everything but keeps the properties short and to the point. I find sometimes just a summery is enough rather than scowering to find what your looking for in other books. What I loved about this book was that she colour coded it, this is helpful when trying to determine what that crystal is that you have forgotten the name of. It also contains the minerological data and hardness which is not always available in crystal healing books if your interested.

Visitors From Within by Lyssa Royal

This is an old book but may have been republished recently I think? The book is about the Zetas, their history, origins and their interactions with Planet Earth. The authors focus on the abduction phenomena and have a very positive view on what it is about and why it happens. They channel a Zeta and also some hybrid Human Zetas. As the book is quite old now some of the info has dated a bit and perhaps with the reprint they will update on the experiment they describe. If your interested in Zeta's or the Greys you should get this.

Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue

Firstly be aware that the UK have a different cover (as shown above). I prefer the Joan of Arc cover to ours. This could be one of Doreen's most influential books in many years. From someone who has recently gone back to see what shes saying I can say that Doreen seems to have evolved in her own ideas. I think some of the bashing Doreen gets is actually a real shame on the spiritual community. The book is for anyone who struggles to say no, finds people being rude and even abusive to them because they think you will take it but you are not sure how best to deal with this without making things worse. Ever find you avoid confrontation only to be taken advantage of untill one day you explode? Then all of a sudden you are the 'bad guy' or accused of being 'not spiritual'... This book is for you!

Angel Astrology 101 by Yasmin Boland & Doreen Virtue

This is a really original, high quality illustrated book, though the connection between Angels and Astrology is not new this is a modern take on the subject. The book is a reference book but has a really interesting introduction which also exposes how astrology was used by Christians up until only a few hundred years ago when they did a u-turn! You get to learn which Archangel works with your Sun sign, Ascendant and Moon sign, plus other planets of your birth chart. The information also deals with the shadow aspects of each sign and how these Angels can help you work through these things. I know many people struggle with heavy influences in their birth chart so this could be useful. This is a beginers 101 book so dont expect masses of detail or to learn all about Astrology here.

The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger

I really wanted to like this book but I was so dissapointed! When I saw the page layouts which break each Tarot card down into all the symbols with closeup pictures I was so excited. The Rider Waite Smith deck contains many layers of symbols, even the sky tells a story. I understand that symbols have many meanings but I really didnt get what the authors were on about most of the time. They would read to much into the colour of something or some tiny detail but then ignore the really obvious message of the card. I do think some of this could have been lost in translation as even some sentences made no sense but even so they seem to have a very obscure interpretation of the cards. They also seemed to go out of their way to find negative meanings to very positive cards like The Sun. It did help me spot some interesting details I have not seen before but thats about all im afraid!

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