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My Oracle Cards, Angel Cards and Tarot Decks Part 3

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle by Caitlin Mattews and  Virginia Lee

This small sized Lenormand card deck comes as part of a box set with a full colour book. There are the traditional 36 Lenormand cards with an alternative/extra man and woman card plus an optional extra card. The artwork by Virginia Lee has the symbolic images viewed in crystal balls suspended in magical woven branches. The small size is good for large spreads, but I can see how the artwork would have looked even more detailed had they just been a bit bigger but dont let that put you off, Lenormand decks are generally smaller. What makes this kit even more special is the book that comes with it, which is really helpful for learning and very detailed. The artwork does not deviate from the traditional Lenormand symbols so it would also make a great first deck for someone new to Lenormand as well as more experienced readers.

Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

This was the first Tarot deck from Doreen Virtue who worked with proffesional Tarot reader Radleigh Valentine to create this increasingly popular deck. The artwork is all by one artist with a multicoloured dream like fantasy world, inhabited by not only Archangels but also uses Elementals for each suit of the Minor Arcana. The deck is loosly based on the Rider Waite system (but Justice is card 8 here) and the suits are named by their element. Each card features keywords for their meanings making them able to be used with no prior knowledge. The deck has Silver gilded edges (nice!). Each suit and the Major Aracana has colour coded borders which is really helpful. A few cards have been renamed so this is not a traditional deck and the card meanings are very positive and motivational in tone. Its a good choice if your used to Oracle Cards and want to experiment with Tarot or find the traditional decks to daunting to learn.

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The Wild Unknown Tarot

This deck is probably the most ground breaking deck ive seen in a long time, and I also think it will be a huge influence on new decks in the future. I was recently gifted this deck and as you can see it is almost all black and white but with accents of intense colour and even rainbows. The deck is all hand drawn and painted right down to the card titles (Like in the old days!). It follows more of the Thoth Tarot system with the Minor Arcana having minimal illustrations. The Major Arcana and Court cards feature cleverly chosen animals instead of people. There is an overall slightly gothic, shamanic, and forest witch feel to the deck, its also being used allot for tattoos I have seen. I havent used the deck to read much only because I am trying to learn with the Rider Waite system at the moment but its a must for collectors as its self published it may not be around forever. The publishers must be kicking themselves if they turned this down...

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

I have had this deck for about seven years now and its one of my favourites. originally when it was released some of the cards (Sacred Journey Marker Cards) featured the same image with a different sign post but this was revised and if you buy a new deck it will show the new card images. The deck is based on the legends of Avalon and Arthurian Times. Some cards feature people, animals, elementals, mythic creatures and mysterious English Landscapes. Cards have titles and keywords. I have found this deck works best for spreads, rather than daily readings. Its a good deck for spiritual readings and for meditation. The artwork has amazing watercolours by fantasy Artist Gary A. Lippincott. I have gifted this deck to a few people. If you prefer Tarot cards and find Oracle cards to be to lack depth or light and dark balance this is a deck you should try!

Gods and Titans Oracle by Stacy Demarco

Many have noted a lack of male energy in Oracle Card decks so this deck was created for this purpose. The artist for this deck is Jimmy Manton. The cards all feature a different God, mythic character or hero from many cultures, religions and traditions around the world. The son of Venus, Eros is featured on the box cover. Each card is titled by the God's name and a single key word. The guide book is quite extensive with lots of history on the Gods and Titans and even a small ceremony per card if you wish to use it. The deck is good for getting more direct guidance, taking action and building confidence. Its not just aimed at men either, its really for anyone that wishes to connect with the Divine Masculine within themselves or the Universe.

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I would love to hear what you think to these decks, do you have any? To see more of my Oracle and Tarot card collection and mini reviews please see the links below:

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