Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review: Gods & Titans Oracle Cards by Stacy Demarco

Box cover featuring Eros - Would you like to see his arrow?

"There was a time when God's and Goddesses, the masculine and the feminine divine, co-existed equally and were honoured side by side. Yet with the passing of time, this sacred union was lost. It's now time to restore the balance" -  Stacy Demarco

Allot of people feel there is a lack of male energy in many Oracle Cards and some modern Tarot decks. Its very rare to find a more masculine deck so I was interested in what this oracle had to offer. Gods and Titans comes in a fairly large and sturdy box with a good quality and detailed instruction booklet. The cards are big with average card stock and a glossy finish. The artwork by Jimmy Manton is very dynamic, full of life and really captures the energy of the Gods and warriors really well. I am reviewing the updated version of this deck which I think first came out in 2013, and included Odin and a new card back design with Chinese motif.

These guys mean business

Cards are titled with the name of the God and one key word or sub title. The Gods and Titans are from all around the world, including Greek, Egyptian, Hindu and Norse. Some of the Gods are well known others are not. The powerful image that appears on the box is the winged Eros, son of Venus. Despite many well muscled Gods that appear in the deck, I feel many aspects of masculinity are represented here. Some of the Gods are masked or have shamanic animal heads.

The Ancient Egyptian God Ra

Ive found the deck works well for both daily readings or more in depth spreads. Stacy Demarco has done a very good job on researching and creating the oracle and giving good guidance for the card meanings, ive found it to be very helpful and accurate. She also offers a 'shadow' interpretation for each card which helps in spread positions or if you wish to use reversed cards. You will also get the history, legends and symbols associated with each God, there is even a small ceremony suggested for connecting with the deity if you want. I have heard that some people are combining this deck with the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle by the same creator and doing multi deck readings.

The many faces of the Divine Masculine

As the deck has a warrior spirit to it you can expect this oracle to be helpful in giving you motivation, empowerment, working with your masculine energies, action based guidance and creativity. The only thing I felt could have been improved is that id prefer a thicker card stock with this card size. Other than that this is a very unique and much needed divine masculine Oracle, and a must buy for collectors.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve kind of had it with fairies, and rainbows, and witches and nymphs and wraiths and sprites. I long for more masculine feeling decks, oracle or tarot. Even Lo Scarabeo’s, “Gay Tarot”, with its exclusively male images, can come across as a little soft for my tastes.

  2. Thanks, I have a great goddess deck and am looking for a masculine deck to complement it, so all my readings aren't skewed to favour feminine issues and energies. Sounds like just what I'm looking for.

    1. Great idea and yes nice to have both energies to work with :)