Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kate Hare Psychic Readings, Tera Mai Reiki Healer Yorkshire

Press photo of Kate Hare from the News article below

I am just posting this because I am wondering what happened to Healer Kate Hare. I consider her to be one of the most talented Psychics and Healers I have ever met and she really helped my awakening process and spiritual development. But she seems to have vanished from the radar...

Kate used to live in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England where she ran her spiritual business Star 9. She had her own therapy room where she gave healings and psychic readngs such as Soul Readings, Spiritual Development readings and Past Life Readings. She also ran workshops from her home where she taught Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem as well as other courses such as Dowsing.

I know that she had some problems from her blog posts in the year 2012 and that she was no longer living in Beverley. Then some time in 2013 the blog, her website and her personal facebook page all vanished. I have emailed her but got no response. Me and someone I know who also used to see her too are very worried about her. We dont actually know why she stopped working but the last I heard from her she told me she was planning to return to her healing and psychic work again.

I know many people in the East Yorkshire area used to see Kate for healings and readings or attended her ongoing workshops. I dont believe we are the only ones wondering where she went. I do wonder if anyone out there reading this knows if she is okay or if she will be returning? Please leave a comment below if you know anything.

Here is an article I found online, she did an interview for in 2011:



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  1. Hi, I was wondering the same, do you have any news? I hope she is happy wherever she is and whatever she does, she is amazing!

    1. Hi Samantha, im afraid not much. The only thing I have found was her business Star 9 Therapy was listed on a business directory as being in Hull... There is no website link and her old website is not up. So im not sure if she is working again or not.