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Review: Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Angel Tarot Cards box cover

I was initially unsure of this deck by a few negative reviews id seen when it was first released. Since then this deck has grown in popularity among Tarot readers and Oracle Card collectors. Im afraid once you become as successful as Doreen Virtue you will have your haters, much of the critisism is pointless as these are not the first Tarot card deck to break away from the traditional designs. If you want a traditional or historic deck, go buy one!

I decided to take another look at the cards online now that more images of the deck were available. I soon realised I dont really have anything like this which is almost like a bridge between Tarot and Oracle Cards. Firstly as with all her decks its printed on thick card stock and has a strurdy box, this time it has silver gilding on the edges which was well chosen. The cards are a little bigger than your average Tarot deck and because of card thickness the deck is very thick which could pose a problem if you have small hands. The borders are a little big for my usual tastes but she has made up for this by making them colour coded for the Major Arcana and each of the suits which is very useful in spreads.

Major Arcana
Two Major Arcana Cards

The artwork is all by the same artist and has layers of detail and vivid colour. Although Radleigh and Doreen have made alterations from traditional images they are very much in keeping with the meanings and symbolism of the cards. The suits are now based on the elements, and different elemental beings are chosen for each one so its not just angels in this deck. The basic meanings appear on the cards themselves at the bottom like oracle cards, which makes them easy to learn and use. No more flicking back through the booklet unless you need to. Unlike other alternative or themed versions of the Tarot the creators have actually interpreted the cards meanings specificly for this deck. Their interpretations give this deck a unique personality and quality making them more motivational, positive yet not ignoring the darker side of the more challenging cards.

Death has been renamed but features the Angel of Death (The original reaper) while keeping the white rose, horse, towers and the setting Sun of the Rider Wait card

You could use the deck with your own meanings but I feel you would be missing the point of the deck. I also like how they have given meanings for the Court Cards as people and as situations. One thing that I noticed this Tarot is very good at is choosing a card for the day. With traditional Tarot I sometimes find myself unsure what they realte to in daily readings but these are perfect as they are specific and give guidance you can use rather than just make a prediction or statement about the day.

Some elemental Minors, Temperence renamed Balance

The only criticism I can think of is that the artwork is so good id like to have seen less of the borders at the top and sides to show it more. I also find that the suit of cups which is now water to be a little unclear as the scenes are underwater. Ive been using the deck for a few months now and I can honestly say its been very accurate for me which I cant always say for other decks. Other non traditional Tarot decks might look pretty but often leave you confused when it comes to actually using them, but not this one!

You can really see how much thought went into the images, design and the meanings. Doreen and Radleigh are currently working on a book which will be all about this deck which will go deeper into the symbolism and ways to use the cards (Ive pre ordered!) Those used to Angel and Oracle Card decks will get much more detail, variation and specifics in their readings with these. I highly reccomend this deck to those new to Tarot, learning, collectors or simply if you want a deck that is different but not a total enigma to understand.

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