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Spiritual, Metaphysical and Alternative Book Reviews Winter 2014

This is a selection of a few books ive read in the last few months which I think are worth reading.

Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel

I finally got round to reading this after having it for at least a year. This is a large format book in full colour, it isnt cheap but you get your moneys worth. This is good for anyone interested in alternative history, forbidden archaeology, ancient aliens and have wondered why humans seem so out of place compaired to all the other creatures on this planet.

There are extensive star maps which Wayne has located at many ancient sites across the planet. His interpretations may challenge what you thought you knew about certain sites. He has located a Pleiadian star map which seems to turn up everywhere from the Pyramids of Central America and Cambodia to inscriptions on Egyptian Tombs and caves in France. He writes in a way that keeps you interested and there is some great photography, countless maps and extensive diagrams. He even looks at the Cydodia area of Mars and has some very interesting theories about the origins of modern humans.

Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy by Lillian Too

I have been interested in Feng Shui for a long time now, one of my favourite systems of Feng Shui is Flying Star. Years ago there were hardly any books in English on the subject now thankfully there is so much more and it has become much more popular in the West. This is the best book ive read on the subject, its in depth but not to heavy and practical. The use of diagrams and charts makes it great for reference and you can pretty much find everything you need to know here on all the annual energies, flying star effects and combinations.

There is a really good look at the Lou Pan or the traditional Feng Shui compass and up to date sugestions for cures and enhancers. Flying Star Feng Shui made Easy is a clear and well explained book that makes this very complex subject easier to understand but this style of Feng Shui isnt for beginers, it is for more advanced practitioners.

The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel

This is the original book about the sightings and high strangeness that took place at Point Pleasent West Virginia in the late 60's. I wanted to read this for many years since I saw the movie by the same name. If you have seen the film it may shock you how different the movie is to the book but really the book is not a story but a collection of cases so I can see why they could only base the film on parts of the book.

What wasnt made clear in the film was that the events were beyond just sightings of a flying humanoid creature with red eyes. They include many UFO sightings, the Men In Black, Secret Government Agents, weird Cults and even Poltergiest Activity not to mention some of the strangest paranormal encounters ive ever heard. The book was written a long time ago and at times it is a bit old fashioned.

John Keel is quite set in his ways about what he believes was going on back then and I do think this colours the book. I do think whatever was happening to him back then may have made him very paranoid. A person, group or something else did appear to be messing with him. Its hard to say who would do it but at times I got the impression allot of crazy people were drawn to the area and may have also tried to throw him off the scent. This has to be one of the strangest books ive ever read.

 Secrets of Your Birth Chart by Lillian Too

This is a beginners guide to Chinese Astrology using your 'Paht chee' birth chart. Most people in the West still think Chinese Astrology is just based on your year of birth, when really that is only one part of your chart, the month, day and even the hour is used. I found this book really easy to undrestand as it breaks down the chart into small bits and then pulls this all together. Even if you are not familiar with the Eastern system of five elements and how they interact its all explained.

Not only is personality and different areas of your life explained, you also get to look at 10 year cycles in your life and there is a good guide to selecting good days for your sign. What I liked about this form of Astrology is like with Vedic Astrology they offer advice to balance the birth chart and counteract any imbalances with the elements.

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