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Amulet Mirrors for Psychic Protection and Feng Shui Space Clearing

I first read about these special mirrors in a book called Feng Shui Magic by Lillian Too, but back then this wasn't something you could easily find in the West. Amulet Mirrors are specially created 'magic mirrors' if you like usually made from Brass which have specially chosen highly protective images, symbols and mantras on them. These can be from Taoist or Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

There are other types of Amulet or Talisman Mirrors for specific purposes such as Love Mirrors and Wealth Mirrors. Do not confuse Amulet Mirrors with Feng Shui Bag Gua Mirrors or Scrying Mirrors.

Fire Mirror of Avalokiteshvara

What does an Amulet Mirror Look Like?

Most mirrors are round and about the size of the palm of your hand they have a handle and are often decorated with a tassel of some kind. You can get very small ones which can be carried on you as a keychain or bag charm.

Some have a metal relief image or enamel design on the back and then a circle of mantras on the face of the mirror. They are like the ancient mirrors so they are made of just highly polished brass or Gold plated, no glass or no silver backing like modern day mirrors.

You can find Amulet Mirrors online at various Feng Shui websites, I got mine at reduced to 40% during a sale at, it helps to shop around. Most modern mirrors seem to be produced by World of Feng Shui owned by Lillian Too and are Limited Editions, so once a design has run out you wont see it again. There can be as little as 200 made of each design.

21 Tara Amulet Mirror Back

21 Tara Mirror front with circle of mantras in Tibetan Sanskrit

Small Mirror Amulet Keychain

How do they work?

You can use the ones decorated with protective emblems, mantras, Buddhas, Gods and Goddesses for personal protection by shielding your Aura, or your home. You can also use them to cleanse your home of negative energy. They clear the build up of negative energies and anything that has been sent you.

The mirrors work to both absorb negative energy, deflect it or clear it with a beam of energy. Gazing into some mirrors is said to empower you and energize your aura, but make sure its been cleansed before doing this. Some people keep different mirrors for different purposes. With regular use, the incorporation of spiritual practice such as using mantras will attune it to your own energy and further boost its power.

Cleansing and Charging your Amulet Mirror

Its always a good idea to cleanse and consecrate a spiritual tool before you first use it, you can use any method you prefer, you could use incense or the solar method below. Protective Amulet Mirrors are usually charged and cleansed by the Sun, special mirrors and love and attraction Mirrors may be charged by Moonlight.

To charge them you just hold the mirror up directly facing the Sun for 9 seconds and you are ready to go! Lillian Too recommends facing one of your best directions with a compass, if you know your Kua number. To cleanse the mirror simply hold it up to the Sun for 1 to 3 seconds and the Suns reflection will burn up any negative energies that remain.

Dragon and Phoenix Love Mirror

How to use an Amulet Mirror for Protection

To shield yourself simple hold it upright mirror facing outwards and turn around clockwise with intention for it to protect you from all harm. You can repeat this request or say an affirmation or mantra while visualizing a wall of gold around you if you prefer.

When you are back where you started its done, but I like to seal this by pointing the mirror up above my head and down towards the ground. The same applies to a room set your intension and stand in the middle of the room, or the center of your house to shield your home.

As a solar tool I think this protection will last about a day. You can also carry the Mirror Amulet in a protective pouch in your pocket or bag if you wish.The benefits of this method as opposed to visualizations is that there is allot less reliance on you to meditate or visualize anything.

I have met so many people who don't feel confident using psychic protection visualization techniques and also know people who cant visualise! Amulet Mirrors do the work for you, all you need to do is spin!

Wealth Tree Mirror with Jade Tassel

How to use an Amulet Mirror for Space Clearing

To cleanse a space, you go around the room clockwise reflecting all the objects and walls with the mirror with the inetension to cleanse the space. The mirror will absorb or dissipate the old or negative energies.

The benefit of this method as opposed to a sacred sound method such as a Singing Bowl is that no sound is created, so nobody will know your cleansing if you are sharing a house or its late at night and you dont want to wake anyone. Its also allot easier and quicker than using incense.

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