Friday, 24 May 2013

Rediscovering Feng Shui

Apologies for not posting a blog for a while, I have been very busy and will hopefully have a few articles to share soon. Something you may not know about me is that I was very into Feng Shui for a number of years, I think it was the first thing I explored after I had kind of ditched the metaphysical and spiritual worlds for a while.

Feeling calm now?

I have had some very good results with Feng Shui but it does take allot of research and a good understanding before you can really generate results. The style of Feng Shui I practised was the Compass School with Form School and Flying Star Feng Shui. I was learning about Flying Star back in 2001 and there was little in English back then. To me it was and still is the most powerful form of Feng Shui but I do believe you must know and apply the other forms of Feng Shui first before applying this successfully.

I may look pretty but just dont put me in your bedroom!

So ive been rooting around in the storage boxes in the garage and pulling out my books on the subject and a few Feng Shui cures and enhancers I had there. As well as trying to refresh my knowledge of Feng Shui again ive also been really enjoying how much more info there is available in the West now. Especially in regards to the Flying Star system, its funny how having a long break from something and coming back to it how you also feel that you can understand things better.

Basic Lou Pan Compass Directions

I am also loving how Chinese Astrology is also being integrated in Flying Star Feng Shui. I always knew there had to be a good reason why the astrological animals of the zodiac appear on traditional Lou Pan's (A Professional Feng Shui Compass) The use of Astrology makes the practice even more personalised, plus just like Flying Star Feng Shui it is highly predictive and can tell you year by year what things have been like for you or people you know.

One of the things that really drew me to Feng Shui all those years ago is the use of the 5 elements. To me Feng Shui is a form of alchemy. Its a very advanced system of metaphysics. Im currently reorganising my bedroom and have noticed the difference already. I am also going to be much more regular with my Space Clearing. Ive been using a Tibetan Singing Bowl and Incense for a good 12 years, its one the things I learned and never gave up.

5 Element Production and Destruction Cycles

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Seventh Element

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