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Mens Natural Skincare Reviews

Here are some reviews on skincare and bodycare products ive recently tried or use which are either all natural or contain a good amount of organic or natural active ingredients. None of these products contain Parabens, SLS or Mineral oil. Some of these products are aimed at men while others are what I feel would be suitable for men to use. I personally have combination skin which is also sensitive. Remember we all have different skin, so what works for me may not work for you, make a habit of looking up ingredients online and seeing if anything irritates your skin.

Burt's Bee's Res-Q Ointment

This is a product that ive been aware of for many years but only recently tried. Its basicly a multi purpose healing and soothing balm which you can use for cuts, bruises, scrapes, acne, insect bites and much more. It smells really good, Lavender and Rosemary then a herbal scent like freshly mown grass. When you rub it it turns to an oil like consistancy rather than waxy like some balms, so it feels like it sinks into the skin much better. I like how it is based on Olive oil (the first ingredient on the list), which is so good for skin. It also contains Comfrey which is known for its healing properties, so far ive seen a rapid healing of scratches I had and it works great on spots without the overpowering scent of Tea Tree based teatments which I feel are better for night. This is a very usefull and afordable little tin that everyone should have in their home.

Verdon Refreshing Face Splash

This is actually a men's toner by L'Occitane but unlike most toners this one will tighten pores, soothe and hydrate the skin (Thanks to the Sea Buckthorn water) I have never used toners till now, I always associated them with drying or think they will be to harsh for my sensitive skin but this isnt like that. First the scent is amazing, smells like the ocean with light herbal undertones, the scent is mild but lasts quite long. I currently have stubble and I find that my facial hair holds the clean smell all day so I feel fresh. Toners are often ignored by men, but it can really boost your skincare routine, allowing any moisturiser to better go into the skin and reduce oilyness and even breakouts by shrinking enlarged pores. It feels refreshing to use, it tones the face but does not make it feel tight.

Ive been using this 150ml bottle for almost a year and im only half way through so it lasts a very long time. I apply one splash after shaving to my whole face, avoiding the eye area, this is left on and not applied like a cleanser toner, then I apply a moisturiser to the beard area. If your skin is to sensitive after a shave you could use it as part of your evening routine after washing/cleasing your face.




Dr Organic's Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo

I love Dr Organics skin and bodycare. Part of his Virgin Olive Oil range is this great shampoo. The scent is not very Olive to me but more of a slightly citrus smell. This is quite a concentrated shampoo like his others so a little goes a long way, it lathers up well and feels gentle enough for people with more sensitive skin. Ive found this shampoo gives soft hair which looks healthy. This shampoo is focused on nourishing and hydrating your hair so more its perhaps more suitable for those with dry or damaged hair, I did'nt find it make my hair greasy at all.

Super Lush Lips

This was part of dermatologist and anti aging expert Dr Perricone's line aimed at people in their teens and twenties but the entire range has been discontinued. You can still find the products reduced in price online at certain places like Amazon and Ebay while stocks last. Its such a shame because the all natural ingredients are, superfoods and the ethics of the Super line, right down to the simple recycled packaging were very good. This is a higher end range, the most ive spent on a lip balm but really this isnt a lip balm but a 'lip conditioner', and yes there is a big difference as ive finally learned. Many lip balms are very waxy, they will mostly just coat the lips, and need constant reaplying, the chapped lips never heal and some say they get worse.

This was not like that, after three days most the peeling skin I had this winter was gone, my lips feel smoother, and look normal again. Made with Coconut oil and Shea butter, the scent is a light coconut, and it goes on non shiny. Its a very thick balm that warms to an oil when applied, so a tiny amount is used, this glass pot will last me a very long time. I normally use a lip balm stick but as this is really a treatment and I dont need to reaply all day I dont mind that much.

Verdon Fresh Deo

I love the Verdon range by L'Occitane, this is a step up for most guys who may normally not spend much on deoderants. For me ive really struggled to find a natural deoderant that worked all day and that I liked the smell of. Add to this problems such as products which left me sticky all day or in some cases actually stained my clothes with oils! This is a stick, but it dries really quick, the scent is very unusual, its based on Sage, Peppermint and Lavender essential oils, its slightly sweet but then herbal at the same time, its not overpowering.

I am not a very sweaty person to be honest, for me this works but I do think its important to apply really well with natural deoderants if you want them to be effective all day. You could consider this as a deoderant for special occasions and nights out and use a cheaper one for every day if it seems a stretch on your budget, it does last a long time. The way I see it is, I could continue to try one after the other aluminium and paraben free deoderants, and spend many times more over just a few months without having something that just works and does not smell like everything else...

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