Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rude Awakening from the post 2012 Energy Slump

Despite always steering clear of the more extreme ideas surrounding the year 2012, I dont think I was the only one who felt a bit dissapointed that nothing major shifted for us by the end of last year. The signs had come early, 2011 was just one thing after another. 2012 on the other hand for the most part wasnt such an dramatic year. The collective energy building up to December 21st felt very chaotic for me, it was like a soup of peoples hopes and fears (mostly fears) thanks to the media who did a great job of making the whole thing focus on 'Doomsday'. Hijacked again...

There was a feeling of calm after the date, I was so glad when it was passed, even the Project Bluebeam fanatics piped down for a while. But then I think many of us started to feel a bit dissapointed, confused as ever what that was all about and unsure where we are going or why we are really here at this time. Some of us had doubts about all kinds of spiritual and metaphysical beliefs and ideas we may have had. It felt like we were in a holding pattern, floating in Limbo, unsure what we should aim and focus on for the future.

Despite this there was a sense for some of us that this was perhaps just the clam before the storm. It was either going to fizzle out or kick off in 2013. Then Ka-boom, we had movement. Earth Changes, Fireballs, National and Religious Scandels, Escaping Popes, Food Scares, Lightning Bolts, Asteroids, Comets and Exploding Meteorites. Its has got so regular that its hard to keep up with things. Add to that the personal crisis, health issues and dramas around us or friends and family and people are just wondering what on Earth is going on?

Ive come to the conclusion that allot of the things that came up for me personally are karmic issues, unresolved unfinished business and old fears which are coming to the surface faster now to work on and overcome them. I do think 2013 is a year of intense work for Lightworkers, a time to clear big blocks, forgive past hurts and really decide what we want to create in our life. Collectively I think we need to focus more one what we want to see, rather than what we dont like. There are lots of distractions in the Mainstream Media but the same can be said for alternative news sources. Its time to ditch what isnt working or is bringing our energy down, only you can decide what that is.

I think the lesson here for us is to not get pessemistic when we dont see the changes we are expecting materialise in our chosen timeframe. Things can all change at any time, it dose not matter if you dont believe it or not. The Universe is bigger than what I or anyone else believes. The only thing this planet has ever known is change.

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