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My Oracle Cards, Angel Cards and Tarot Decks - Reviews

Its been a while and ive decided to blog about something ive wanted to do for a long time. I do use divination, and purchased my first Tarot decks when I was about 15. Perhaps that isnt such a big deal now but in the early 90s it was. I didnt discover Oracle Cards till around 2005 I think and have built up a bit of a collection since (My Oracle card chest is almost filled...), it is a bit addictive but I only get the ones that draw me. Some I dont use that much any more but the following are some of my favourites or ones I find the most useful and accurate. This may not be an easy task but here goes!

Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot

This is a great and little known Tarot Deck that I stumbled upon. This is actually a modern illustrated Tarot with a medieval theme. Most the older traditional decks have good Major Arcana cards but the Minor Arcana cards are not illustrated. This deck by Paul Huson uses imagery inspired by the Marseilles Tarot majors and Etteilla Tarot's illustrated minors. The colours are vibrant and not murky like some old decks. I love the way the cards show the suits often floating in the clouds like a medieval manuscript displaying a some vision in the sky. Some of the cards show the alternatives of many well known cards which were not part of the Rider Waite standardisation whch came many centuries later making it very refreshing.

The Messenger Oracle

Its working title was 'The Wisdom of Gaia Oracle' which I think describes the deck much better. Created by Ravynne Phelan aka Michele-lee Phelan the artists of the Mythic Oracle and the Oracle of the Dragonfae. This is a deck ive been working with since it was released last year. The artwork is stunning, the deck is a mixture of animals, elementals, dragons, tree spirits and mystical beings mostly in a forest setting. I dont usually like power animals in decks but Ravynne seems to have made them like cosmic creatures, they are like constellations and supernovas if you look very carefully. Great for those who are interested in Magick, Paganism, Polarity Integration, Druids, Shamanism and need guidance from the messengers of Gaia.

Archangel Oracle Cards

This is a deck I used to use all the time when I first awakened, its still a very accurate deck and can really help when you need encouragement. Doreen Virtue's deck is now a modern classic and still the best angel cards out there and her best deck to date in my opinion (Along with her Goddess Guidance Deck) for their accuracy and artwork. The cards feature different artists work on 15 Archangels. If you prefer your angels to be zapping people old testament style then this wont be for you!

Legend - Arthurian Tarot

 There are a few Arthurian themed Oracles and Tarot decks out there, but I loved this one, though it was very hard to get hold of as its quite old now. The artist Anna-Marie Ferguson uses delicate watercolours which capture the mythic energy of the deck, the art is delicate and dreamlike or like a faded memory. This deck is not a good deck if you are new to Tarot but fine if your collecting, because it has altered the images and names of the cards quite a bit. All the cards are based on characters and events from the legends and the backs feature a gold labyrinth on a royal purple background.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

I only recently discovered the tradition of the Lenormand oracle cards which are virtually unknown in the English speaking countries. Most of the decks out there are reproductions, have a vintage look or were designed in the 70s. Luckily thats all about to change as thanks to the internet, many Tarot readers are now learning how to read the Lenormand cards. I was really glad to see this new version of the deck by Ciro Marchietti who is the artist behind The Gilded Tarot and The Legend of the Divine Tarot. The artwork is vivid jewel tones, bright and alive, it has some fantasy steampunk elements and comes with additional cards and alternate artwork options. Currently only available as a signed Special Edition direct from Ciro's website or digitally as an app, but hopefully it will be mass published at some point in the future.

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