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Recommended Spiritual Books and Finds for November 2012

I thoughts id just share some good books and other items of a metaphysical nature that ive been reading or discovered recently.

Metaphysical Books:


Werewolves - The Occult Truth 

by Konstantinos

This is the follow up to the brilliant Vampires - The Occult Truth. If you have ever wondered what the truth is to the werewolf stories, or wanted to know more about the people who were put on trial and killed for allegedly being werewolves, this is the book. Unlike other books on the subject Konstantinos looks at this subject at all angles, his research is gold but he keeps the book moving so you wont get bogged down. As with his Vampires book Konstantinos separates the real werewolf lore from the Holywood Werewolf, two different things. Werewolves: The Occult Truth explores the origins of the werewolf stories, chilling eye witness accounts, the shamanism connection, astral shapeshifters and more.

A Little Book of Pendulum Magic

by D.J. Conway

Small and to the point book, not really a book about magic, A Little Book of Pendulum Magic is more of a guide to pendulum dowsing. Ive been working with a pendulum for many years but im always open to new ideas and methods to use dowsing. The book contains some good info, esepcially the more advanced work to look into karma and past lives. There are some great charts for exploring past lives. Definatly more of an entry level book but intermediates can also benefit from the methods she has for honing your skills to increasing accuracy.

Angel Numbers 101

by Doreen Virtue

I have owned the previous version of this book 'Angel Numbers' and didnt think this new version would have much new in it until I had a look through and compaired it to my version. Doreen seems to have responded to some peoples issues with the last book that the meanings for some number sequences were not very specific. I didnt think there was a problem myself, I always found the positive encouraging messages in the original book to be a good confirmation to me but I have to admit this new updated edition Angel Numbers 101 is a vast improvement on the original. The messages seem more specific now, more grounded and offering guidance you can apply to your life.

My only critisism is that I would have thought that numbers such as 11:11 or 22:22 could have warrented their own entries now rather than using the combined number method Doreen offers. Other than that I think this book is a must have for anyone who sees repeating number sequences.

Vedic Astrology Simply Put

by William R. Levacy

Ive never read a book on Vedic Astrology before so decided to go for this one which also comes with a free Astrology Software CD to generate your own birth charts. Vedic Astrology Simply Put is beautifully illustrated on every page. There is alot of information here and broken up into bite size chunks so as not to overload you. The differences between Vedic and European astrology are explained really well clearing up alot of confusion for me. Do not think this will be to basic, in fact as it went on it became more and more advanced. The software is helpfull because its accurate and genuine unlike some stuff you see for free online but the downside is you cant print out or save the charts, unless you take a screen shot that is. ;)

Spiritual Finds:

Archangel Michael Candle

I got this great votive style Archangel Michael Candle on Ebay. The inner white candle burns down illuminating the stained glass effect image of Michael with his flaming sword. Whats surprising and why these are so cheap is the contained is actually made of card with metal at the top, im assuming it must be fireproof. I was told I will be able to reuse the container with other candles as it leaves little wax.

French Cartomancy Kit

by Laura Tuan

Its interesting to see how Oracle Cards or alternatives to the Tarot have been with us for alot longer than people think. I didnt even know about the Lenormand decks till recently. The small French Cartomancy Mini kit comes with 36 playing card sized cards with a vintage look on average card stock. The small guidebook by Laura Tuan comes with several spreads with interpretations of the cards for each card positition, something ive never seen before with any other deck. There is also a little guidebook with the cards that you would get if you purchase the deck on its own. The card meanings are more focused on day to day life rather than deep spiritual wisdom, though im sure you can develop your own knowing for these things.

Ive heard that the book The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle by Sylvie Steinbach gives more depth to the cards and more ways to use them. The cards are really unique, if you want an Oracle Card deck with a bit of history they are worth seeking out.

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