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Psychic Protection Online - Shielding in Cyber Space

I was listening to a teleseminar by Shamala Tann called Psychic Self Defence in the Social Media Age, which was aimed at spiritual business owners who can become the target of others hate online as well as psychic attacks, sadly mostly by 'spiritual people'.  I think anyone who is on any type of social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Forums, especially those which are of a spiritual, paranormal or alternative nature you will at some point experince some kind of negativity or psychic attack at some point.

Its seems that the subject of spirituality is one that people have very strong views on, these subjects can create very polarized reactions in some. Especially those who are very sure about what they believe and if you say something that does not fit into their world view then it may you may unwittingly find yourself in the centre of an energy s*** storm!

There are many reasons someone could send you some funny energy online but what ive learned is that a large amount of this can be avoided with very little effort. As with any energy interference having some kind of daily routine to clear and protect yourself goes without saying, especially if you are sensitive to energies. I have some tips below which stop the psychic energy darts and bullets from even reaching your aura.

Energy Gateways

As well as trying your best not to be dragged into online dramas (Its hard and we have all done this) you need to look at possible energy gateways. There are certain vulnerable areas of your online identity which if left unchecked can act as energy gateways for people to direct their anger at you. These include your Screen Name, Profiles and your Profile Pic.These are like your identity markers in cyber space.

Profile Shielding and Protection Techniques

This is where you have the most control especially on forums which allow embeded images.You can place specific images on your profile for the purpose of protection, they act as shields, negative energy buffers or transmuters. This can be as obvious or as subtle as you like. Here are a some methods to put into place on your profile, I reccomend putting at least two different types of shielding images on your profile pages for it to really work. If you place them there with specific focus and intension for them to protect you increase their power. They will run 24/7 in cyber space.

Profile Guardians

You can use any type of protective being on your profile which you feel connected to. These can be Gods, Goddesses or Angels, such as the Archangel Michael for example. Or art or photography which features people or beings with protective armour, swords or who look like warriors. The focus is on strength and protection not fighting, death or battle images! You can also use animals like Lions, Tigers or Panthers, Dogs, Wolves, mythical and celestial creatures such as Dragons and Sphinxes.

Symbols of Protection

You can work with any protective symbol you know of. There are also images which symbolise protection such as an Upright Sword, Crossed Swords, Sheilds, Helmets, Spears or Spearheads. A strong Fort or Castle, Stone Walls or the palm of a hand in a stop gesture.

The Violet Flame

Very effective energy tool. Find an image of the Violet Flame or an image that incorporates a violet flame. This will burn up and transmute any negative or harmful energy sent to you through your profile or online identity.

Witch Ball

An image of a shiny metallic silver ball can deflect psychic attacks sent to you. You can also use the image of a Smoky Quartz crystal ball, or one made of other protective stones such as Hematite or Obsidian.

The Eye

The image of a single eye has been used for thousands of years for protection especially from the Evil Eye or ill wishers.This also acts as a subconsious deterant to those who do not have good intent.

Mirror Mirror

The image of a mirror or looking glass can capture or deflect energies, mostly it causes people to look at themselves rather than project onto others. The silver ball works similar to this but this is more obvious in its symbolic meaning.

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