Friday, 19 October 2012

Fireballs, Photon Belt and Weird Weather 2012

It seems like there has been a change in our Solar System, its as if we are moving into a more rocky area of Space. This could be the Photon Belt which was talked about for decades or possibly the result of us aligning with the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012. I know we have been in this area for some time but if you think about it, matter gathers at the very centre of a plane of gravity like our Solar System and a Galaxy. I heard this many years ago that we could expect more meteors and comets at this time and it does appear to be happening.

Nice Bulge - Solid Matter gathers at the equatorial plane of Galaxies

This last year has been full of reports of 'fireballs', you only have to do an internet search to see countless recent cases and in the last month there has ben even more. The reports of loud booms and Earth tremors have been caused by these asteroids exploding in the air. This isnt normal or nobody would mistake these events for earthquakes or some man made disaster or bombs. A recent event took place on October 17th 2012 in the San Francisco Bay area, loud booms and peoples homes shook with the force.

October 17th Fireball by Paola-Castillo, using her cell phone while stuck in traffic

Then the very next day, Thursday the 18th of October 2012 in Devon and Cornwall people reported very loud bangs and their homes shaking like an Earth tremor. This has been put down to another meteor exploding:

Meteorite prompts Devon and Cornwall tremor reports

On September 10th 2012 something huge impacted the planet Jupiter yet again. Jupiter acts like a cosmic hoover, swallowing many large space objects into itself before they reach the inner Solar System. If we also consider that in the past four years Jupiter has taken more hits than in recorded history, something is going on.

Ka-Boom! - Video footage of the September 10th 2012 Impact of Jupiter

Also in the UK it was said that today that the UK experienced its 'weirdest weather' on record in the past few months. Dry periods and then heavy flooding in Summertime was actually not as damaging as it could have been only because flood defences have been increased since the extreme flooding we had in 2007.

BBC News- UK Experinces Weirdest Weather

Not Supposed to be an Island - Tewkesbury, England July 22nd 2012

I am only looking at where I live here and I couldnt even begin to cover all the weird weather and earth changes going on around the world this last few months. It does seem like many prophecies of modern times and ancient do seem to be taking place, even if they are not as extreme. This to me is the ideal situation, but its hard to tell if thing such as the flurry of fireballs and near earth asteroids will become more frequent or calm down at the end of the year.

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