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Spiritual and Metaphysical Book Reviews and Reccomendations

Three Secrets. Two Women. One Grail

I am one of those people that always has a book or two by my bedside. I tend to be guided about what I read through signs and what my guides tell me. Even when a book ive read leaves me cold there is always something in it that I can learn from or take with me. Ive compiled the following books which ive read this year which may be of interest if your into metaphysics, ancient knowledge and spirituality in general. I hope you enjoy.

Parker's Astrology  

by Julie and Derek Parker

This is a huge book, it really is full of detailed information about Astrology, with beautiful illustrations, diagrams, charts and just about everything you could need to know about modern western Astrology. It goes into areas such as Fixed Star Astrology, Harmonics, Progressed Charts and Horology. It teaches you how to draw up and interpret a chart professionaly if you wish and can be used to look at almost every aspect of your birth chart. It also dispels some modern myths surrounding astrology, explains about procession and includes interesting info on Chiron.

The second half of the book is mostly used for interpreting the different positions of the planets and alignments. One thing ive learned from this book is Astrology isnt easy, it takes alot of practice and knowledge to marry all the different information together to create a good portrait of a persons persona.


by Kate Mosse

No not the 80's movie nor the ageless model! I started this book several years ago and have recently got back into it. I have recently heard this is being made into a TV series (Yay!), which is a good reason enough for me to finish this book! Its a fiction based around the mystery surrounding the Cathars, the Grail, Secret Societies, a labyrinth, Royal bloodlines and ancient knowledge. The book is split into two timelines, half of the story is set at the time when the Cathars were being killed off or converted by the Church, the other half is set in the present time where an archeological site is being excavated in the South of France. The story revolves around two young women from each timeframe and how they are strangely connected, three books kept secret for thousands of years and containing ancient knowlege that people are willing to kill for.

Ill admit the book is a little slow in parts, its a big book but still worth reading if your interested in these subjects or eras. I cant be sure whats going on yet with the two girls, is this about reincarnation or an ancestral memory or both?


Gems in Myth, Legend and Lore 

by Bruce G. Knuth

Love this! Ive got a few books on crystals and although some mention the historic information and folklore surrounding stones, they dont go into much detail and never seem to give any historical references for the info. This book is different, it covers the use of crystals and gemstones through all ages and many cultures. The author has even dug out old medieval books and manuscripts detailing the lore and properties of these stones by European alchemists and doctors. Its amazing how people think crystals are just 'new age' when they were used to treat the most common illnesses up untill the start of modern western medicine. Gem essences are nothing new either.

Did you know that people used to believe that genuine Rubies could boil water? That in ancient Greece it was believed that Amethysts were the remains of an anointed virgin who had been turned to stone? All the most well known and traditional stones are covered, Moonstone, Garnet, Quartz, Hematite, Bloodstone, Ruby, Sapphires... Many entries include the alchemical symbols for them and it even includes mythic stones like Toadstone and other crystals which people believed were inside other creatures.

There is tones of stuff here, lists of references relating to gemstones in the Bible (perfect for encounters with fundamentalists who dont know what they are talking about) and the works of Shakespear, The Koran and the Vedas. There is a whole chapter of amazing research into the origins of birthstones, with countless lists from all over the world. Amazing info you just cant find anywhere else!

Magical Aromatherapy

by Scott Cunningham

Another gem! This small book contains a wealth of information regarding the uses and properties of almost all Essential Oils. Unlike other sources this book is focused on the metaphycal and magical side of things. Which oils are best for protection? Which oils will help ground, heal or clear negative energies? Its all here with associated elements and astrological correspondances. Very interesting book if you use Essential Oils or inscenses.


The Expected One

by Kathleen McGowan

I first heard about this trillogy on Lavendar's show, Starseed Radio Academy. This is a fiction book but the author reveals that she could not publish her orginal experiences in the South of France because she was told by the publishers that nobody would believe her... She reworked her manuscript changing names and dramatising it and handed it back to them as a 'fiction' and they publishd it!

The story revolves around the whole Mary Magdalene and Jesus bloodline story, but seems to use what may be past life memories in this retelling of the events. Some new threads to this story are reveald regarding a secret prophecy of a female prophet being born, a priestesshood and the children of Mary Magdalene. Further revelations are made regarding a love triangle ive never heard about before and John the Baptist.

I didnt resonate with some of the info regarding John the Baptist and particularly the Essenes which were portrayed as religious extremists here. The books follow the valid point that most of history was written by men, with most well known historic females always portrayed as the adultress or villan. Im not sure how much of this story is true untill Kathleen reveals or these secret grail families come forward and speak. Only time will tell...

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