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Psychic Robots, Etheric Computers and Bad Channeling

Metropolis movie poster 1927

"I'm alone now. Uhm … On the island alone. Please, someone come. The others, they're … they're dead. I-it killed them. I-it killed them all."

This was the translation of the radio distress signal received by the characters of the TV series Lost after they found themselves stranded on an island after a plane crash. The original French message from Danielle Rousseau was playing on a loop, it had been playing for 16 years... It still gives me spine tingles even now thinking about it.

Shannon trying to translate the French message ("Pilot, Part 2")

Perhaps it was the shock of realising the voice you could hear in the desperate plea for help was just a recording. You may wonder where im going with this. If you have been seeing or reading channeled or telepathic messages for just a couple of years you may have noticed some interesting patterns with some channelers.

Failed Predictions

A common theme you may see is messages point to a date in the future for a specifc often world changing event, Earth Changes, Pole Shifts, Mass Landings, Second Coming, Nibiru, Disclosure. This is not to say any of these events wont ever happen of course but what im talking about is failed predictions.

Everyone makes mistakes, its easy to misinterperate a message even from a person talking to you in real life. The bit though that gets me is when these same channeled messages continue to repeat these predicted events, over and over. Either making some weak excuse after the event did not happen or the most commonly observed and disturbing behavior of going quite, posting some general channelings and then carrying on as if nothing happened o_0

Artifical Intelligence?

I was listening to someone who does full body Channeling who had been interviewed on a radio show. It does not matter who this is but what I noticed (you wouldnt notice this unless you listened to several interviews) was that this particular being who was talking through this person repeated themselves 'word for word'. What would happen was often similar questions would be put to this being and they would respond with the same answers, fair enough you might say but then id notice this person would go off on one (almost ranting) not answering the questions being put to them and almost like a default program they would repeat the same phrases and explanations of things they had said countless times before. What was really strange was they said it each time as if you they thought we had never heard it before. Whos behind the curtain?

It has crossed my mind more than once that this and some other channeled entities may be more like an Artifical Intelligence. They are able to interact to some degree but their knowledge is limited to a certain area and never expands much beyond that. What would be the point? Well maybe because thats their purpose...

Fortune Telling Machine

A few years ago I was questioning a large body of information which came from a telepathic communication to another teacher. One thing I often do when looking at a channeled or telepathic communication as well as check out if it resonates with me is look at the 'tone' of the message, there is a rhythm that you can pick up and some have an almost frantic tone to them, others make me want to sleep, and there are some that seem very robotic to me! Watch for this.

Thought Forms and Psychic Robots

You may already be familar with the concept of thought forms, you can pretty much create anything at the fourth dimensional or astral world, if enough energy is put into things they can sometimes take a life of their own. You can look at these as artifical intelligence just without the nuts and bolts. I have heard that some people have experienced a psychic attack from entities which have been described as psychic robots. This sounds very sci fi but if you understand the concept of thought forms its hardly surprising really.

Ancient teachings of the Kaballah tell of of Golems, beings made of clay which were brought to life using spells and prayers. There are also actual spell books which teach people how to create a thought form which will work as a 'servant' for you. Obviously any artificial intelligence, etheric or otherwise can be put to use for any purpose good or bad. Could something like this be responsible for some of the information we see in channelings and the like? What happens when someone creates a thought form for a specific purpose and then forgets about it?

Metropolis by Mamamary of Deviant Art

Etheric Computers

I was asking a friend once about the source of seemingly vast information, which many spiritual people seemed very impressed by but screamed fear based to me. My Guides had already warned me of this information but I needed a second opinion that I wasnt being paranoid. My friend told me that  in his opinion it was from a negative source. He said that there are etheric machines which broadcast false history and information relating to the Universe like some type of propaganda signal. These were put into operation thousands of years ago by negative beings which needed control here but could never stop people fully from breaking out of 3D and accessing spiritual information.

Aparently these etheric computers exist at the fourth dimensional level whch is the first spiritual realm most people gain access to if they open to channel and unless you use discernment you can end up as a spokesperson for these things, whos job is to keep you from gaining any higher levels of information or the real truth. I admit I wasnt sure what to think to this and it is not a nice thought but there does seem to be some strange goings on with ceratin messages people share. Looking at the extreme lengths that the powers that be have withehld metaphyscial information in the past I wouldnt put it past them.

As always use discernment with communications you have with spiritual beings and those which come through others. Always put things to the test of time, if things predicted dont turn out, ask why and get a full explanation. If this repeats, you need to ask yourself who your listening to.

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