Sunday, 29 July 2012

UFO Sighting, Dream of UFOs Flying in Formations and Lucid Dreams

Last week on the 22nd of July I was in the garden with my Dad in the afternoon and I looked up and saw something moving in the sky. It caught my eye because it was dark and not like the colour of something you usually see in the sky. It first appeared to be round but as it passed closer and we were trying to work out what it was I could see that it was irregular, nearly triangular. I called my sister over to have a look so all three of us were seeing this. The object appeared to be spinning, not like the Earth spins but like a spiral. I wondered if it was some kind of ballon but the shape wasnt right and it was big. Plus my Dad said that a ballon would not spin like that, around and around in a spiral.

I wish I had got a camera or my phone but this all took place in maybe less than 20 seconds before it passed out of view. I was really not sure it was anything otherworldly and we all know that if we ran in by the time we got back it would have gone, not to mention it would probably look like a dot on film.

My sister posted on her facebook that she had just seen a UFO, this isnt something id do myself. This was met by jokes about her being on drugs but that was nothing. One of her friends apparently said "thats bullshit" it amazes me that people still dont know what UFO stands for, she never said it was an alien spaceship. Its opened my eyes that there are still alot of closed minds out there and denile.

I needed to tell you this part because it may be related to what happend later in the week. I came across a technique to encourage Lucid Dreaming. Ive had many lucid dreams and brought them on before but havent tried in years. I used the method in this video below, though ive only done it for maybe 4 or 5 nights in a row now and cant be sure if I was fully lucid yet but ive been having very strange dreams.

 After the second or third time I used this I had a dream where I was outside in a large open area with paths, big grass areas and some buildings near water. I did not recognise the place and there were people walking about. I looked up to the blue sky and saw two or three flying saucers. They were sleek and silver white in clolour, seemed like they were either catching the sunlight or had their own glow. They had like a bulge in the middle and were moving fast.

Very similar to my dream

I looked about and saw others ships zipping towards the same area of sky, a few other people were watching this with me. One saucer flew over us and we could see something inside of it, as if part of the ship was transparent or had some kind of window, rooms were inside and im sure someone saw people or entities looking out. Then all these ships started to fly into a formation, they turned on their sides so we saw them from above as circles. This created a circlular shape which got bigger. I remember running with my hand pointing up through the people in the area so they could all see this.

The ships formed a geometric symbol in the sky which looked like a crop circle id seen before with spiral arms coming out from the centre within a circle very much like this below:

Crop circle, Milk Hill, Wiltshire august 12th 2001

Then I noticed other ships in the sky, huge rectangular or cigar shaped craft which were very dark. They looked almost like long coffins and there was some kind of motif or shape on the top of them. These ships changed position also, at times hanging down like a black pillar. On the edge of this area I was in there were huge trenches in the ground and some of these long ships dropped into the trenches and laid flat. I remember thinking thats what the trenches were for or thats why they are that shape so they can be buried or planted... I do not remember much more after that. Its been a long time since I dreamt of UFOs.

Nearest thing to what I saw I could find

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