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Rune Stone and Oracle Card Reading for June 2012

Im going to try something a little new here, this will be a reading for Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers and anyone on a spiritual path who finds this blog. I will use a number of different divination methods which may alter in future readings. This is intuitive guidance for you to use in your life as well as in your spiritual and psychic development for the month of June 2012. I am going to be working with Rune Stones for the main part of this reading along with the 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild, Doreen Virtue's Angel Guidance Board and the Karma Cards by Monte Farber.

Rune Stone Reading for June

Gebo - 'Partnerships'

This month you will be working on relationships in some way, friends, family, partners or new people in your life will play a role. You are being asked to connect with others and to use compassion when faced with people that you have less than positive interactions with. Try to see othes sides of the story and consider how your actions will affect those around you. Group work is favoured this month.

Ansuz - 'Messages'

The Universe and your Guides will be comunicating with you alot this month through signs and signals. Keep your eyes open and look for these, so you dont miss an important sign post. Synchronicity will be high this month, watch out for number sequences, words that keep cropping up, all of these will help guide you in the right direction.

Perthro - 'Let Go'

We are also being encouraged to let go of any emotional bagage this month of 2012. Its time to release anything unconstructive or which lowers your vibration that may be occupying your mind. Emotional clearing work is encouraged, have a think about any old ties with people or places which need to be severed so that you can move on.

11:11 Alignment Card for June

Birthright (Key)

The image on the card shows a key entering a key hole. This card is reminding us that we are being given the information we need and we simply need to act on it. The doors are not locked and are waiting for us to decide what we want and open the door and walk through it, nothing is stopping you but yourself... If there is something you have been holding off for a long time, this is the month to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Angel Guidance Board Reading for June

Your Spiritual Path

Your practical guidance for moving forward on your spiritual path in June is to meditate. If you have stopped doing this lately this is a nudge to get back into it. If you dont meditate this could be a good time to start. Meditation could lead to less stress, a clearer mind and messages from your higher self to come through more clearly for you.

Your Psychic Development

Your guidance for developing psychic abilities this month is to trust yourself more. You may be having doubts about the messages and guidance you already recieve and this is a reminder not to let go of these as they may be blocking you from opening up. You must have more confidence and trust your own intuitive abilities.

Karma Cards Message for June

The astrological energies of these cards resonate with the Moon in Pisces in the 9th House. The message for June formed by these three cards is:

"Defend your dreams as if they came from God"

You can interpret the meaning behind this message for your own life but this seems to be a reminder that your goals and dreams are yours alone and may be divinely inspired. Dont give up or be put off by nay sayers or those that gave up on their own dreams in the past.

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