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Creating a Galactic Altar for Starseeds - Stellar Home Shrines

Last month in my blog I explained how incorporating an Altar into your home can help with your spiritual work regardless of your belief system, if you havent read it already do check out Creating an Altar in your Home - its not just for Wiccans!

I decided that it might be helpful to show just how personalised an Altar can be by going into an area that there is perhaps little or no information about - Galactic or Stellar Altars. I very much doubt this is a new concept, when you research almost any ancient culture, no matter how 'Earth based' you will find that they hold high importance to the Solar System and the Stars, and im not even touching on the Ancient Aliens research.

Whether you consider yourself a Starseed or are interested in Astrology or Galactic Shamanism, a Galactic Altar could help you. You may already have objects and reminders of your personal connection to the Stars but when you place these items purposly in one area something happens. An altar activates and anchors energies within your home or living space. Over time it will build energy and strengthen your link to the cosmos, supporting you in all spiritual practice and lightwork.

As I explained in my blog post Creating an Altar in your Home you will need a raised space to work with which is clean and free of clutter, you can use a shelf or a chest for example. This is a personal process but items you could include are explained below.


"With course unwearied, pure and fiery bright
Forever shining thro’ the veil of Night.
Hail twinkling, joyful, ever wakeful fires

- Hymns of Orpheus 1

Handamde Cosmic Altar by Elemental Enchantress on Etsy


Ammolite is the name sometimes given to Ammonite fossils which have crystalised to the point of displaying various colours. These fossils have actually become a form of organic gemstone over millions of years and are often used for this purpose in jewellery. If you find some of the less gem like stones with only parts that are opalised they can be alot more afordable, you dont need a large one.

You could substitute one of these with a regular Ammonite fossil (More Earthy) but the added colours turn this stone into a receptor for cosmic energies. The spiral formation represents the Galaxy, the colours are like that of super novas and cosmic dust clouds. Once a living being, Ammolite represents all the elements including Spirit. Another alternative option is to use is an Abalone Shell

High Quality Ammolite

The Constellations

Think how you could represent constellations and star systems on your Altar. You could just display an image of the stars on or behind your Altar. If there are traditionaly a set number of stars within the constellation you could use this as inspiration. The Pleiades or The Seven Sisters having 7 stars for example could be represented by a seven pointed star (aka the Elven Star or Heptogram) or you could use a seven branched candelabra or seven blue candles.

Talk about synchronicity, this was just posted the morning after I had written about this symbolism for this article... Check out Hidden Records author Wayne Herschel's recent article which connects the Jewish candelabra with Pleidian star system if your interested, The Jordan Codices Star Maps Decoded.

For Sirius which is believed to be a trinary star system you could use a triangle or three candles arrangled in a triangle. If your trying to represent a constellation of the Zodiac or know that your chosen star system resides within this area you will have a huge choice of icons and images to add to an Altar. Arctuus resides near Libra for example so you could use some small brass scales. Research the legends and mythology associated with any constellation for a wealth of inspiration.

The Pleiades - Oil Painting by Corina Chirila

 Stellar Deities

There are many Gods and Goddesses which were associated with the stars or certain planets. You could use these because you have an affinity with this being or archetype or perhaps you had a past life during the times of these ancient cultures. A God or Goddess icon or image also represent Spirit and would be a good choice as the central focal point towards the back of your Altar.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis - her wings have been said to represent the two arms of the Milky Way Galaxy

Cosmic Crystals

If you wish to incorporate a specific star system which is associated with or within the Zodiac, you can use the crystals or astrological birthstones which are associated with that sign on your Altar. Look at the Vedic birthstones and the Alchemist Agrippa's table of Behenian gemstones for various stars and constellations outside the traditional Zodiac. There are many stones which are connected to the stars, try Lapis Lazuli which looks like the night sky sprinkled with stars. Galaxyite is a form of Labradorite from Canada with plenty of cosmic energy, it looks like Supernovas. Nebula Stone has patterns on which resemble deep space Nebulas.

Another cosmic crystal is Moldavite which is a green crystal which was created from an ancient meteorite imact. The stone is used to connect with ET beings and is a powerful chakra cleanser. Also look for Meteorites, there are many types available, for an inexpensive option look for Tektites, which are black and formed by the imacts, like Moldavite. A shooting star on your Altar is very powerful and will act as a cosmic anchor. Good luck!

Nebula Stone

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