Monday, 19 March 2012

Ascension Symptoms 2012

Here is a list of Ascension Symptoms or experiences during the current energy shifts so far in 2012. It includes common experiences and possibly the effects of crazy Solar Flare activity in the last few months. Ive experienced all of these at some point and many are totaly new to me and very much out of character for me. See what you think and let me know if you have also experienced any of these, ill maybe do an update later on as the year progresses.

Ever Shrinking Attention Span – Lack of ability to focus on one thing at a time for long even when it interest you. This may never have been a problem for you.

The Brain Freeze – Your mind just goes blank in conversation or when you are about to do that thing you just cant remember. Names or words you are familiar with just vanish from your memory, only to return again later. Total mind block!

Sleep Disturbance – Sleep? Please remind me what that is like again... Waking up at regular intervals all through the night, very light sleeping with dreams in between, waking up early and not being able to go back to sleep again. Feeling tired through the day because of this.

Time Turbines – Days just whizzing by, feel like there is not enough hours in the day to do anything even without distractions, before you know its “Is it that time already?”…

Veil Lifts – Clairvoyant ability is activated, sometimes intermittently with fleeting glimpses of entities, orbs and passing spiritual beings out the corner of your eyes. Veils are thinning or dimensions merging.

Dream Visitors – People from your past appearing in your dreams, old friends,ex lovers, work colleagues, people you have lost touch with, haven’t thought of in years or never felt much of a connection to just show up for no reason.

Lightworker Meltdowns – Spiritual friends, healers and teachers you have known for years who always seemed to be on top of everything suddenly drop off the radar due to personal crisis, breakdowns and total loss of direction.

Anxiety Bouts – Feelings of anxiety, creeping in for no real reason, fears of the future or lack of security about where your life is heading.

Karma Coma – People you tried to find for years online from your childhood or college that seemed to have vanished from the face of the Earth suddenly turn up or try to get in contact with you online. Any unfinished business and old karmic issues seem to be brought back to your consciousness.

Head Spins – Dizzy feelings, finding it hard to stay grounded even when doing regular grounding techniques which used to work fine before.

Mood Slumps  - Feeling depressed for short periods of time or on some days and not others even when you are not prone to this or have not felt negative about your life or the world in years. Sometimes there is just no logical reason for these mood slumps.

Sick Ward - Seems like your the only healthy person around sometimes, many family members and friends seem to be suffering from physcial illnesses, some serious causing extra stress and worry.

Nostalgia Nightmares – Finding yourself revisiting the past in your mind, times you haven’t thought about for a long time or which suddenly evoke a feeling of sadness for times you didn’t fully appreciate till now. Knowing you shouldn’t dwell in the past but having little control over it.

Spade Head - You wake up feeling like you have been hit on the head with a spade, drained and numb, no desire to do anything and feel totally off all day untill the evening. Like a hang over but without the party... Possibly the result of work done in the astral overnight.

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  1. I find myself in a lot of symptoms you described

  2. Yeah seems to have continued throughout the year, some things stop then start again later...