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Navigating the Channeled Info Minefield - Misinfo, Disinfo and Failed Predictions

"The Channeler has a very soothing voice"
A common misconception and trap, ive heard a few channelers who had very soothing voices that you could listen to for hours and I know many people equate harmonious tones as being positive. Although this can be true, it is a bit like thinking that because your partner has a soothing voice they would never lie to you. If someone is going to pull the wool over your eyes they wont usually deliver their message by shouting or in a count Dracula voice. I sometimes wonder why some people follow a channeler who has a proven track record for bad info or failed predictions and this is one of the reasons I think these people keep going back for more. For some people they are getting some kind of fix from the voice (An escape from their problems perhaps?), its a bit like hypnotism in some ways. Still not convinced? Search 'softly spoken' or 'whisper' videos on youtube and see the followings and comments of this growing underground phenomenon. 

"If it comes from love it must be true"

Not everyone will agree with me here but please use your discernment at all times. Often channelers will remind people of the importance of love and how their prediction is only about love, implying that if you dont agree or question what they say then you are some how being negative. Love is important but as anyone knows love can be used to manipulate too. I think thei needs to be a balance of head and heart to avoid this. Ive seen many channelers talk alot about love but that does not validate what they are saying and if they are wrong and keep being wrong you have to ask yourself,  if they love us so much why would they lie to you?

"I know the mothership is landing tomorrow because I feel it"

*Face palm* How many times have I seen this or similar comments regarding anything from mass landings, Nibiru returning or the Ascension of the entire planet? Using your own psychic abilities, higher self or guides as a compass works only on the premasis that you have a clear connection and that your mind and ego are not involved which is very hard if your on this planet. Just because someone predicts something that you really want to happen or that you have had dreams and visions of, does not mean it will happen when they say or when you want it to. Sometimes with these predicted events what people are really 'feeling' is just the charged energy building up in the collective consciousness surrounding the predicted event itself. If your dreaming of these events it can mean that you are thinking alot about them rather than a prediction.

All wrapped up with a bow on it!

"Dear Ones..." We have all heard the messages that start off this way, its not a bad sign but it does not validate the source of the info or the quality of it. Just remember any person, being or entity can use these words to. You can sugar coat anything, even the most paranoid fear based channelings can be signed off with "love and light".

"But it must be true because other Channelers have said it too!"

I really dont want to drag up a certain global event which was supposed to happen in October 2008, but it was a really good example of this. Ive seen this happen many times, where many well known channelers or speakers confirmed that an event was going to happen. It can seem very convincing when suddenly all these people are all saying the same thing, it has to be true right? Well after the non event of 2008, all the people that confirmed the original prediction including very detailed updates from some sources as to the exact location of this ship as it got closer to Earth all went quite. Some disappeared, stopped channeling or deleted their youtube channels. Then slowly when it all died down they popped back up overnight like mushrooms!

"But they have a good track record"

This is a good thing and I sugest people do their own research into people they listen to and decide for themselves. But just because a Channeler has not made any big mistakes in the past does not make them infallible. There was one Channeler who was known for predicting the events of 911, this was often used as confirmation that their prediction that people would be taken off planet by light ships on a certain dates was true too (which didnt occur btw). It does not work like that, a channeler can go off the rails at any time and many seem to fall this way if they are not carefull. Some can open themselves up to things which want a voice and pose as the being they originally channeled.

"Its free so it must be true!"

Common trap and I see many younger people fall for this for some reason, this line of thought will get you in a whole heap of crazy trouble. Put your self in the shoes of someone wanting to spread false info or manipulate lots of people, would you charge for the info and wait for them to come to you or just spray it across the net? It may seem crazy but if you want to hit a large audience, you will have to share it freely and as a rule people will flock to you!

"Its so highly detailed, it must be true!"

Another common thing ive been told by people and ive seen countless times with certain information within the spiritual and metaphysical community. Just because someone channeled what looks like an entire library of info on the inner workings of all dimensions of existence and how to build a space port, does not mean its true. "But it had to come from somewhere, you just cant make all this stuff up!" I cant remember how many times ive heard that one either. This does not authenticate the info being given all it does is say to me that the beings they channel have very large brains. The mind is not a measure of your level of vibration or consciousness. Its like someone on another planet channeling a scientists on Earth. We many have complex theories here but not all of them are true. Again if you wanted to manipulate someone you would find it easy by blinding them with your advances and superior knowledge. The people that worship this info remind may be similar to the tribes which were dazzeled and tricked by the seemingly magical invading nations. They mistook them for 'Gods' too...

Excuses, excuses...

Everyone makes mistakes which is why if you are in a position to influence large amounts of people you need to be very careful what you say to them. Channelers make mistakes to, which is why we need to be careful acting on what they say. Even the beings they channel, however positive their intent are just someone else with their own viewpoint which may be wrong or right. Ive seen some bad excuses for some failed predictions, one is bad enough but if the channeler your following has been proven wrong or keeps making claims which do not match what they said, you need to step back and ask yourself why you keep going back to them? And why if they keep getting this wrong do they not learn from this? if there is a 'bad connection' or some 'static' on the line, then get it fixed!

Why does it happen?

There are lots of reasons channelers and other people predict events which do not happen. In some cases these are beings which are not why they claim to be and they get a kick out of playing someone along and gathering a following and basicly making a fool out of them. Its trickster energy, what is worrying is when people dont learn or keep going back to their inaccurate sources. Ive been wondering why this happens more so with those who wish to make their predictions so public. I think there are some beings and a few channelers which are litrally drinking up all the energy created by working people up to a frenzy over what their saying.

Other times its the Channeler who gets some type of ego trip from being 'the chosen one' for the messages. But more often than not they are channeling their own ego and opinion on things and sometimes they just have a very wild imagination which needs an audience so they can convince themselves that they are right!

Should we even bother?

Channeled info is not 'bad' nor should we avoid it because of one or two people spoiling the barrel. There are some good well established channelers out there and the info can really open you up to new ideas and concepts. Always take any channeled info with a pinch of salt, if you dont get too involved in it just observe then it cant hurt and its a good way to see how accurate they are in the long run. Question everything, especially outside sources of information. Just because a being is from another dimension or world does not mean their truth is more accurate than yours, its just another perspective.

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