Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Right and Wrong Starseed - Dogmatic beliefs in the spiritual community

Ive seen a few things lately which reminded me of this blog that was posted at starseeds.net a couple of years ago which has since disapeared. Luckily I saved the blog as I had a feeling it would not be there forever. The info applies to staseeds, indigos, lightworkers, light warriors and truthers alike. This is the full post as it was:


was having deja vu while typing this...

Not just starseeds, but everyone has extraordinary potential for whatever they love to do. Their talents are directed into either creative activities, knowledge, innovation, and so on. Like religious and spiritual figures, whether they were a positive or negative influence, starseeds shine in the area of spiritual inspiration. Because they are so aware of their natures and themselves, they have a magnetic ability to rouse others who are unaware of what else is out there, even other starseeds. Depending on how they awaken others, it can trigger fear, confusion, discrimination, and/or fascination. Starseeds are blessed with the gift of expressing their spiritual natures through their talents with no limits, thus, many, many things can be done once this power is fully uncovered. Is it possible a starseed has equal potential to use their abilities in a more negative way? I have run into a lot of dogmatic thinking in starseeds, but I have also come acorss starseeds who simply live and let live. Is the former really doing what they're doing? Genuinely trying to help others out of the goodness of their hearts? Let's pick these people apart to find out.

Dogmatic starseeds are forceful about their goals and what they know. You can spot one by how they try to convince you of something, especially of their own lifestyle. They wonder why nobody abides to this or that, why nobody thinks just like them. "Is that person vegan?" questions the dogmatic starseed. "Well, they better be; it's necessary for ascension!" This type of thinking can appear more narrow than it is. What do I mean by that? A dogmatic starseed takes what is said or read to them to heart. They believe it is all written in stone, striving to get the messages across to as many as possible. They sincerely know they are doing the right thing. How could they not? They are listening to what has been told of them to do. They feel it resonates with them. Why? Because they like the idea. Those that don't agree with them give the impression of being lost, so the dogmatic starseed tries to set them on track.

How do you think certain starseeds end up like this? The answer is simple: A dogmatic starseed was not even dogmatic to begin with (they only had the potential). Rather, they usually had a burning desire for something they couldn't explain at first. They yearned to do something with this impacting energy and eventually found it. They want importance like some of us no matter how good they are at concealing it with humility. There is nothing bad about that. If importance is what you deeply desire, knock yourself out achieving it. Don't tell that to the dogmatic starseed, unless you want to be hit with a cudgel! Okay, they're not that bad. Dogma is rooted from the mindset of being right, which was originally influenced by the encouragement from others of the same kind (comparable to "peer pressure"). All people of dogma want to be right. Being wrong is worse than catching a deadly illness. They've clung for so long to their personal image of being right, a leader, and an inspiration. This is where the negative ego arises, and soon enough it takes over and they're stranded in denial. Indeed, it is an extremely painful process to gradually come out of once a dogmatic person's shield of right has been shattered. I don't blame them for being so rigid sometimes because I can sympathize so well. I've learned the hard way of extinguishing judgment and accepting everyone and everything regardless, and let me tell you. . . . it was not a pretty sight.

How can a dogmatic starseed learn not to judge and simply accept? Ask them: Who are you to say what is right and what is wrong? Shouldn't that depend on the individual's sense of what's best for them? It's all in the feeling, not what's told, written in books, or on the Internet. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else other than those who feel the same way you do. Everyone is different; mentally, physically, and spiritually, and it will be that way forever, as there is no end to anything, only a cycle. It literally upsets me to see such people with this incredible driving power using it in less efficient ways. As long as there is discrimination, a race will go nowhere, just run around in circles. Acceptance is not only eye-opening, but will leave you with the most beautiful sense of peace you will possibly ever experience.



  1. this post is really good, it's not a box, never has been, never will be. However sometimes the awakening experience is so profound, so intense that it can lead to the thinking that they have received The Truth, the one and only Key, and that they have the right to espouse that Message for Mankind...and more often than not they use a big bat to do it...

    and then there is this too, we really do communicate badly, there's an art to that particular skill, and sometimes what is meant to be said, comes over as patronising and lofty, and that was never the intent...
    love and light to you

  2. Yeah, im so glad I saved the text as the person and blog has since gone. It was posted at starseeds.net