Friday, 23 December 2011

Kundalini Yoga - What to expect and what it benefits are

Like most people I started doing Hatha Yoga which is the most well known and practiced form of Yoga in the West. I find it is really good for grounding and relaxation as well as keeping you flexable. I really only practice Kundalini Yoga these days which really couldnt be more different from what most people think Yoga is about.

Kundalini Yoga is believed to be the mother of all Yoga and the survival of a spiritual system from a previous golden age. Yoga really means 'union' and this form uses a variety of movements, positions, mantras, breathing techniques and mudras (hand positions). If you had asked me many years ago if I would be doing a form of Yoga which involved things like mantras I would have said no way! I highly reccomend people put any preconceived ideas they have about these things and Kundalini Yoga aside and just try it, thats what I did.

It is a highly energising experience which seems to really clear out the blockages to your energy body and physical body. There is focus on the Chakras with the exercises called 'Kriyas' and which glands they are helping. There are many different kriyas for different conditions or mental emotional issues that need healing. This system is like a medicine cabinate, allowing you to customise your Yoga practice for you and constantly change things so you dont get bored with the same routine or see a reduction in its benefits.

Physically there is more work involved, though many kriyas are done sitting or laying down and ive found I dont need much room or space to practice it at home unlike other forms of Yoga. You also may be surprised to learn that Kundalini Yoga is done with the eyes closed, focusing on the Third Eye Chakra.

Kundalini Yoga has helped many people with little or no spiritual interest, it is particularly good for the core muscles, spine, back, neck and stress, some positions are very strengthening to the arms too. For those of you who are more spiritual its even more powerful and suitable. I find that not only does it help clear out the Chakras, allowing energy to move more freely up the spine, through the body and aura, but it also helps with Ascension symptoms. The practice of Kundalini Yoga helps you litrally shake off old stagnant energies, it helps you better integrate the energies coming to the planet at this time. After a Kundalini Yoga session you will feel energised, limber and fully grounded in your body.

You end your practice by sending healing or positive energy to people you know and the whole planet! Learning in person is always best but not everyone has access to a Kundalini Yoga class so I would definatly reccomend trying a begginers Kundalini Yoga DVD by either Ana Brett and Ravi or by Maya Fiennes.

Some DVDs have a 'matrix option' which will let you customise the Yoga session. I would always make sure you start your sessions with a 'Tune in' then a 'warm up' before doing the Kriyas to get the full benefits and warm up the spine. Traditionally a meditation is done at the end before the closing prayer, though I have found this isnt essential for me as I find that every kriya is a moving meditation and the relaxation pose found in other forms of Yoga is always used towards the end of the set.

If you are a Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal, Blue Ray, Starseed you will really gain alot from doing this just a couple of times a week. If you dont like the sanskrit mantras which are only used in a few kriyas you can substitute them for their English translations, which are always given as its important to understand what your saying and why your saying it. The mantras are very empowering, non-dogmatic and universal. The most common one you will use in Kundalini Yoga is Sat Nam which means 'the truth is within'. Both Maya and Ana give life affirming, positive motivational encouragement duing their DVDs, it really is unlike the made for the masses Yoga which has become so popular.

Stop sticking with what your comfortable with, do something different and just try it!

Be well,

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