Friday, 19 August 2011

Blood Moon Dream Blue Star Prophecy and the 5th Night Begins

A few nights ago I had a dream which was very powerful for me. I do not remember many details but two things stand out, one was that I saw a white star in the night sky from my garden. The star had a blue halo around it and may have moved to another location in the sky as well. Its been a while since I had a dream of this type of astronomical event and it may have been triggered by watching The Quickening movie which talked about the Hopi prophecies regarding the blue star.

The other part to this dream was that I saw a Blood Moon, which is where the Moon turns red. The last time I had this dream was just before the Japanese earthquake earlier in the year. Interestingly yesterday the 18th of August we entered the 5th night of the Mayan callendar according to Callamans interpretation. The next few weeks are likely to contain big events. There has been several quakes in the last 24 hours near Japan and near Newzealand which is not a good sign.

Yesterday I started wondering if my red Moon is really a play on the Japanese flag, the red disc not being the Sun but the moon. Also the Moon is associated with water. As for the star, it certainly seemed like the prophecised 'blue star' but what that is I cant say, a comet, supernova or something else.

The Quickening


  1. Just had a dream like this last night... never heard anything about the blue star... came looking for some meaning and just found your dream... thanks for sharing.

  2. Ive found many people who had dreams of two moons (another dream I also had several times) Ive done an update on the blood moon because its mentioned in the Bible.

    Also I recenty watched the movie Red Riding Hood and in their story a blood moon is the time that a werewolf bite will not kill you but it will turn you into a Werewolf.