Thursday, 2 June 2011

Karma Police – Wolf Packs, Misery Vultures and Trolls beware!

I have seen some pretty obvious examples of karma returning to people lately. One which really stuck out to me was someone who had earlier in the year had got a bit too involved in the allegations made about  Kiesha Crowther. This person had posted some pretty harsh comments about Kiesha on facebook, and although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they just seemed to be enjoying the opportunity to tear chunks out of this woman. This type of behaviour is more common in the celebrity media, where it seems whenever some scandal or tragic story about a celeb turns up, it attracts ‘wolf pack’ like comments online from people who would be more suited to the baying for blood crowds of a medieval hanging or a village witch burning…

I wondered how this person who was also a spiritual teacher and speaker herself, with similar views about the planet could not feel any compassion for Kiesha?  I noticed when people tried to calm things down or stand up for Keisha, this person just didn’t want to hear it. Like many it seemed they just couldn’t pass up on a good public witch hunt. I wondered if she would like it if people were treating her in the same way?

Less than 6 months later this very same person was named by a NAI tribe as not being a spokesperson for their tribe and had obviously upset some people. I coundt believe that not only did they find themselves in the position of being publicly accused of something they say they never claimed but that it was also from a very similar source. Its not nice when you are on the receiving end of these types of disputes.

I believe that if you get involved in witch hunting of people, whether what you believe is true or not, ultimately you will end up finding yourself in the shoes of the victim one day and pretty soon. It may seem safe for people to hide behind their computers and try to tear people apart or expose them online but its not. I don’t believe the nasty comments I see on news articles or youtube profiles and videos are coming from people who have perfect lives or know it all. Whatevers going on in their minds will manifest in the Universe at some point, unless they learn to let it go. It’s a hard lesson to learn but it seems that’s the only way for some people.

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  1. I agree. I try to avoid that kind of behaviour myself. In fact I try to catch myself already when I'm thinking about something nasty. I don't want to be negative or think bad about others unless they really really really deserve it.