Saturday, 25 June 2011

Earth Changes Dream - Elite plans and 'The Wave'

One problem ive had since I started blogging is not posting my experiences or dreams straight after they happen. Last night I had a pretty vivid dream, one of those dreams that really stands out and is on my mind all day. I usually leave things a few days to think about what they mean but I will share my dream for everyone in the mean time.

I really want to stress I am not presenting this dream as a prediction or literal truth, though to some it will mean that. I am perfectly open minded and do not have much of an interest in what the elite do, which is why this dream stood out to me. Its possible it just shows information ive come across and was stored in my subconsious. Here goes....

Im not sure about the order of events but one of the main parts of the dream concerned the building of a tower. This tower was made of large stone blocks, unlike the  bricks we would use today. Outside the tower seemed to be high defence walls, these were being built like rings around the central tower. The powers that be, or elite groups were organising this and they were living inside the tower. While the workmen were still constructing the additional walls and barriers a huge tsunami washed over the land. It crashed into the tower and the outer walls and people on them just fell away. It was then I realised that the tower was created for this reason, to protect the people inside.

The outer walls which were not finished seemed to act as buffers, falling away but leaving the central tower unscathed. I remember seeing this and just thinking of the horror that the people inside the tower knew this wave was coming and didnt care that the workers didnt know and could end up dead when it hit.

After this I was shown the great Pyramid at Giza, the tsunami rushed across the desert in Egypt and battered this ancient structure but it was left undamaged. I then realised that that was why it was built, to survive Earth Changes... At that moment I felt like all the sacred sites, which tend to use giant blocks of stone are the few things that survive thousands of years and the shadowy group in my dream seemed to be using this knowledge to create 'the tower'.

The next part of the dream was strange as I seemed to be involved in some kind of secret mission to infiltrate this tower. There was a young man who was going to be sacrificed by this group but he was really a plant, pretending to be going along with preparations. I remember giving him some tuquoise beads, which I said would calm his nerves. His or our job was to expose what was going on. I actually do not remember the outcome if there was one, it was all very unusual for a dream subject other than the wave which I have dreamt of before.

One thing that has occured to me is what if what if the elite really believe the world is ending or there is a pole shift but really its a 'wave' of energy thats about to come? What if they are so in fear of loosing their 3D power that they only understand it from a 3D perspective?

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  1. Interesting.

    I've also had a tsunami wave dream where I'm swept up in a huge worldwide killer wave.Interesting.

    I've also had a tsunami wave dream where I'm swept up in a huge worldwide killer wave.