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Concerns about some Truthseekers, Disinfo, Doomsayers and Witch Hunting

Ive been wanting to share some of this for well over a year but always felt unsure if I should bother. After seeing a string of very hopeless and disempowering links being shared by a 'Lightworker' I have finaly got the message that I need to write this. If you are not prepaired to look at other points of view or consider that your current worldview or beliefs may not be complete please stop reading this now.

Do not get me wrong I think there is nothing wrong with seeking truth and trying to release the control on this planet whoever or whatever is behind it. I do though feel that discernment is key here and that this really important when researching subjects like this. Using your intuition and vibes is also important and I see many only use their head here but also even with energy its important to be aware that if you have a strong belief about something or someone your vibes can give you 'false feedback'. Nothing to worry about, it happens and we all learn from this, it will help sharpen your perception and spot when your emotions or judgements get in the way of the truth. Actually I dont believe there is one ultimate truth or theory of everything, but thats a whole other blog.

Im going to give you some examples of things ive come across while exploring these things. Some stuff may be a surprise to you and others are already on to this. I see this as info many speakers in the truther movement or alternative media and researchers perhaps intentionally leave out. You see its not always what your told that is deceptive, it is often whats left out. Only when you do proper research into theories and claims can you really get an accurate picture of what is going on.

A few years ago I watched some interesting documentaries with Louis Theroux. One of these was where he went to film and speak to various groups in the US which had some controvertial ideas and beliefs about the state of the world and what was going to happen. One group he spoke to was some kind of racist arian nation group which banned 'non white' people from entering their headquartres - unless you came to clean!... These people warned of an impending race war and wished to preserve their genetics. On the other end of the scale he spoke to another group who said that white people were the devil incarnate, they belived they were Gods chosen people and were also trying to get various states in the US to be made black only, no whites.

Louis went to stay with a family in the which had moved to a very remote area up in the hills along with many other people to start a community. These people created a wall around their community which they patrolled with armed trucks. They had masses of guns and things to protect themselves from impending martial law and the iminant New World Order. The guy he stayed with had stackes of books on the subject and was certain this was going to happen soon.

The other group he spoke to was in New York and this was clearly some type of cult. They were black only, no whites allowed. They believed that Jesus was black and so were the Royal family of England, they used medieval woodcuts to prove this. They believed their time had come and that a war was about to take place where the 'New World Order' was about to take over the world fulfilling biblical prophecy before the second coming.

These last two groups believed this was all about to take place in the next year and that they had to get the message out and save people before it was to late. When did they all believe these events would happen? It was definatly going to happen as predicted in the year 2000. I do wonder if these people still believe what they do, if they still live in the mountains patrolling for invasions by the NWO.

Theres more. If anyone has seen the the interview David Icke did with Arizona Wilder back in the 90s concering her ordeal while being a High Priestess for the illuminati, you may have noticed some interesting comments most seem to miss (or ignore). Arizona as someone who claims to have known these people very well and been in the inner circle of their activities said that they were planning a New World Order take over of planet Earth and had been for years. Straight from the horses mouth, the NWO would come to power in.... The year 2000 of course!

In fact if you do some googling or pick up books on the Illuminati and the Elite published pre millenium including by those who are now well respected by the truthseeker movement you will find that they all said this would happen. That the new age ideas and ancient prophecies about 2000 were really all a trick and a trap and that we would all be slaves and chipped and carted off. Sound familiar?

Think im having deja vu. The question is with two thousand years of preparation for the significant date of 2000, plenty of ancient and modern psychics and prophets, astrologers and even scientists all pointing to that year. A perfect opertunity to hijack the date and use it to their advantage, the mastermind global elites didnt do it?... It would have been so easy, people were even less smart back then and much more controlled by the main stream media. I mean these 'whistle blower' people claiming direct contact with these shadowy figures were all wrong. Truth FAIL!

Now that the same speakers and researchers have all reinvented themselves and have a whole new bunch of followers thinking this stuff is all new, many are using the 2012 date as the elites not very secret planned date. I cant obviously say there are no people who would want this but my feeling is that the time has long past and that to many people question the government, privacy, laws, the media and religions now. Because of this it makes me really wonder where all these extreme conspiracies come from and whos making them. We have seen many dates in the last two years come and go, with claims of plans to do all sorts to the population. What is most worrying is that the big names who seem to push these doom and gloom scenarios dont seem to even admit they were wrong or acknowledge any of it afterwards. They just start on another story and go back to the insider who lies and lies and lies. Where is the truth in that?

Im seeing a big increase in hysterical people posting on news articles and youtube videos. "Repent, repent you can still be saved if you accept Jeebus as ur savior!" Allot of videos now covering these topics have a very obvious fundamentalist Christian tone to them, allot of this stuff seems geered towards this mentality but many truthseekers seem blissfully unaware their 'source' is a bible thumping nut job. The now very popular Project Blue Beam originally came from someone like this but later people cleverly leave out these details and even alter the details.

Much of this stuff has a focus on nationalistic importance,  like this is alternative thinking? Ive seen extreme racists who are heavily involved with this stuff too. One guy I came across on youtibe claimed that the controllers of the world were Jewish and that this meant that all jews were reptilians and that they have the 'snake eyes'. He said that Jews should be raped and then carted off to the ovens... Im not kidding at all. A news article I saw about a young professional footballer coming out as gay here in Europe had a comment under it which said this was disgusting and a "true sign of the end times".

Witch hunting seems to be the latest fashion too. Im seeing this more and more, depending one who they believe is responsible or part of the grand deception they think its acceptable to harrass and threaten them, accuse them of all sorts of crimes, yet they dont seem to see the ugliness of their behavior. My biggest fear is as the paranoia, bad youtube education and 1 + 2 = 666 assumptions being presented as facts to people will lead to real witch hunting and future hate crimes. The mob mentality.

My only advice is just to research things properly, from both sides, consider all options and look for flaws. Read books dont just use internet sources. Look at this stuff and consider it if you wish, but lets not turn this into a religion or some crusade to convert everyone to your point of view. See whos info holds up over time, use your intuition and higher self for guidance, question everything even yourself. Dont be a conspiracy victim.

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  1. Oh wow! This article was phenomenal! I haven't come across something so wonderfully written in such a long time. Boy oh boy is this the truth, I wrote quite a few articles similar to this. Also many 'lightworkers' forget that what they are doing by sharing all this fearful and possibly false information is keeping humanity even further down, not empowering them.

    My fav motto: Focus on the solution not the problem.

    Ever since that popped in my head mysteriously I have felt so much better about everything and understand my mission as a lightworker much more better. The solution is love, unity, compassion, understanding, acceptance etc. To me that is real lightworking :)

    Thank you for the wonderful post! again :D