Thursday, 17 March 2011

Supermoon Dreams, Prophecy and Earth Changes

On the night of the 1st of March I had a really pwerful dream. In this dream I was inside some kind of cathedral type of building, I was up in a room that felt like an attic which overlooked a city for miles around. From this dark room I looked up at this view out of a big window there. I remember being absolutly stunned by the moon which hung in the sky and was the biggest full moon ive ever seen. In my dream it was huge maybe 20 times bigger than a normal moon im used to.

As well as its unusual size it was a blood moon, it had a red tinge to it and all the clouds and the sky was a firey red colour. The city was siloetted below it. I did not get a bad feeling from this scene, but it felt like a very powerful image to me even on waking.

I did not know that later in the month we would have a 'supermoon' and that the moon is the closest its been to earth in many years. I initially thought this dream meant something else and forgot about it. I heard about the supermoon on the 19th of March but it just didnt register for some reason! I then read that an astrologer had warned that the moons position is associated with natural disasters especially earthquakes - Link. This of couse was dismissed by mainstream scientists and the media, untill bang a few days latter the earthquake hit Japan.

On the same day the quake hit, triggering a tsunami and nuclear expolosions many who follow astrology will know that it was the day Uranus entered Aries. This means dramatic change, explosions and fire. Add to that the Supermoon and that on the same day the Earth was hit by a CME from our now very active sun. Also a few days before the quake on March 9th we entered the 9th underworld, the last period of the Mayan long count calendar.

Thinking about how these events seem to be coming every few weeks now I wondered about an Earth Changes map I have in a book I read last year. The book is called Freedom Star by Lori Adaile Toye, I know some people dont like this information but I would like to make it really clear that the book simply shows a possible future of Earth, a timeline which can and has been altered. In fact prophecy and prediction are two different things. The book gives a description of the events as a literal interpretation and then also a more symbolic interpretation, nothing is set in stone.

I wondered what it had said about Japan and this is what I found. Please note the order of events and the places mentioned by name:

"....within 5 years of the activation of the ring of fire, an earthquake strikes Japan, in less than four hours Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama are covered by huge tidal waves leaving the new eastern coastline of this island as far west as Maebashi. During the next three months Japan ie engulfed in volcanic ash and continuous earthquake and aftershock activity.
The aftermath is shocking, and Japan now remains as three small islands. The lower, southern end of Honshu is submerged under ocean waters. Gone are the cities Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Okayama, Fukuyama and Hiroshima."

I think we must remember that the world is not the same place as it was 10 or 20 years ago. I have seen so much support and compassion for Japan and so many meditations and positive energy being sent their way.

Already this event which closely followed the Newzealand quake has brought about some good things which may have never happened. Japan is seriously reconsidering Nuclear power as an energy source, now Europe and im sure the rest of the world are also learning this very big lesson and hopefully it will push us towards clean energy souces.

Also due to the fears of nuclear radiation being carried by the wind suddenly everyone is aware of green superfoods, seaweeds and algaes for their powerful way of cleansing the body of toxins and radiation treatment. Most these people didnt even know what Kelp was untill afew days ago.

The 19th is only  a couple of days away and of couse the moon is still going to be close after that, I had another moon dream two nights ago. This one a line formed across the middle of the moon, symbolicly cutting it in half. Again no bad feelings but it seemed like an amazing event was occuring. I had a feeling we would see allot of earth changes in the first few months of 2011 and am surprised by their severity. I do think the most important thing now is what we do with the info and how we react. I think we have the power to get through this as long as we stay positive, this is part of the shift though its hard to accept it when your in the middle of it.

If you work with energy, take some time to send healing and support to Japan.


  1. Oh wow! Last night I had an awesome dream where I stood in the balcony of my house and looked upon the night sky, and saw this amazingly HUGE moon. It was beautiful, perfect, and I could see every detail, every crater. Then, a biiig long "fabric" stared surrounding the entire moon, and when it stopped unfolding, I could see that it was every flag of every country in the world sewed up together, one next to the other. It was amazing. And the cool thing is that tomorrow we'll have that same moon event, of course the moon wont be THAT big.

  2. Yes it was mesmerising looking at the huge moon. I heard the moon will rise low in the east after sunset tomorrow.