Friday, 11 February 2011

The Truth About so called 'Bad' Thoughts and Emotions...

This is a repost of a great blog by Kate Hare. I have run into this problem time and time again by some people in the spiritual and new age community. Im so tired of it now and am seeing more and more people use these ideas and beliefs as a way to chastise, belittle and judge others.

Feeling sad, fed up, miserable, frustrated...?

Mmmm not very spiritual (or at least thats the new age way of thinking about it) how dare you have negative thoughts, you bad person, just think of all the negativity you are creating and it will come back to bite you - you will be punished by your own misery!

What a load of BOLLOCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to be so blunt - well, no not sorry at all really - it is what it is - BOLLOCKS!

Spiritual is not about being perfect, its about being true and real to yourself. If you deny you feel sad when you feel sad - then you are lying to yourself.

If you try to bury anger and frustration you only end up with resentment and again - lying to yourself.

Its ok to FEEL, its ok to be human!

The universe is not really created by your thoughts, you can have any thoughts, feelings or life you want to have, its not going to make that much difference!

What you can do to make yourself feel better and to have a happier perspective on life is to acknowledge your feelings, work throught them, learn and grow and let go and smile again, knowing you are stronger, wiser and braver for having got through the day!

Happiness for some is easy, for others it is not a natural state of being, for those who are depressed, it seems as if happiness is totally out of reach and look at it longingly in others, like the Holy Grail of life!

So, rather than striving (and failing) for happiness - why not take each day as it comes and then some days will be brighter than others, you will dig yourself out of the pit of despair more quickly if you see it as "just for now" rather than "oh, my god, I failed again to be happy".

Try this:

Feel it

Acknowledge how you feel without judgements of "good" emotion, "bad" emotion

Ask your guides to help you with the process (important to get the higher self on board)

Work through it with the help of a friend or therapist or a good self-help book, meditation etc

Let it go by imagining it burning up in a fire (seichem 2 people can use symbols to help here)

Forgive yourself (imagine angels hugging you and you are floating on a calm ocean - water energy)

Forgive the other person (if there is one - or the world or the universe or the human race - whoever)

Let them go - imagine they are in a hot air balloon, cut the string, let them float off into space

Tell yourself its ok to "feel"

Hug self, love and nurture self - chocolate maybe needed at this point

Feel calmer

Find an affirmation/mantra that is positive and sing and say it over and over for hours/days for as long as you feel the need

Do this again and again if necessary over a few days/weeks on the same issue if necessary

This is working on the subconscious mind and some issues will go deeper - hence the past life/soul therapy - but you can work on just the NOW just now, by doing the above.

Have a play with the visualisations and do what comes naturally (except don't send negative energy to someone else because then you are sending a psychic attack - well unless you want to, I am not the boss of you but would suggest making a choice to go with love rather than hate for everyone's sake including your own)

And shout, sing, dance, scream and generally - its better out than in!

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  1. Yep! Some one's karma had him smoke everyday of his life, if he repressed it, they said he'd take another birth just for the smokes.

    There is never an escaping to anything. However, if you choose to be an observer to those emotions and show no resistance by repression they pass by easy, faster and leaving no further negative thoughts. Peace!