Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ophiuchus the new 13th Sign of the Zodiac? - NEWS FAIL!

I have been putting off writing a blog about this subject since the story started to circulate across the web and various media outlets last month, but just saw another arrogant news article about it. I actually find the subject of Ophiuchus really interesting, historicly, symbolicly and especially in regards to our alignment with it in the next few years.

It is a really meaningful constellation but thats not whats being put across in the recent revelations which went viral.

The problem with the 'new' 13th sign of the zodiac is that... its not new! The sign itself is not only as ancient as all the other signs or constellations but Astrologers are well aware of its existence and its vicinity to the zodiac. In fact if the scientist and experts who released the original report had actually bothered to research astrology or speak to an actual astrologer they would never have release the story.

The serpent bearer as he is also known only just skims the zodiac wheel which is why he wasnt initially included in the western zodiac. Now we hear that all the signs are wrong and that we need to change our sun signs.

Those who read the articles will have noted that the 'new' signs allocated to people involved have varying date periods unlike the 'old' zodiac, with Ophiuchus only covering a period of 2 weeks of the year. Western Astrologers have never claimed all the 12 signs were exactly equally spaced but they do rule over 12 portions of the zodiac wheel.

Whats been dressed up as news here is actually called Sidereal Astrology, its ancient and it been used for a long time as has the tropical system we know today as traditional Western Astrology. Sidereal is used today in Vedic astrology and other cultures.

I see western astrology as a mix of astronomy and sacred geometry. I found this explanation from Astrologers Arielle Taylor and Lavendar helpful in understanding the difference:

"The astrological wheel is based on the four seasons, with the vernal equinox marking the beginning of spring, when the day is equal parts light and dark. This is when the sun moves into Aries, which is the 20th of March, Athena's birthday or into the 21st. It's followed by the summer solstice, when the days reach their longest amount of daylight, then the autumnal equinox and finally, the winter solstice when the days are shortest. Astrology will not change unless these timings move, which they have not.

The astrological signs are in harmony with Mother Nature, and she doesn't care what labels humans use. This reminds me of when the scientists decided that Pluto was no longer a planet. Did it change the energy of Pluto or its consequent effects on humanity? Of course not."

I have seen some people claim this recent news is a sign that the Earth's pole has shifted. Again this isnt a rcent thing and even if the Earth's pole has shifted or goes back vertical tommorow altering the seasons and the zodiac it would still not alter your birth sign!

Your birth sign is based on the positions of the stars in any astrological system at your birth, a new zodiac would only affect those born after that date.

Im not sure if the disinfo was released to stir up doubt about astrology or if it was a genuine mistake. I would also encourage people not to fall into the trap of thinking this serpent alignment is some dark sign or part of some reptilian take over.

If you do your research you will find out that that snake was supposed to be the source of mans knowledge of healing and medicine in Greek mythology.

Ok enough now,

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  1. Here is a good article from about this old news story:

    Ophiuchus - the 13th Sign of the Zodiac?
    by Dieter Koch

    One must never equate Sun signs with fixed star constellations.
    Every few years we hear the same old news from critics of astrology, mostly astronomers and physicists who know nothing about astrology...