Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Norway Spiral, Dreams & Portals

I cant believe its been almost one year since the Norway Spiral hit the world news. I still remember how who were one of the first sites to post the pics were told by sceptics emailing in that "its photoshop!" Yes people really are that desparate to explain away anything that threatens to disturb their carefully maintained bubble.

The reason I bring this up again is that I have had two dreams in the last couple of weeks which I was looking up and seeing a spiral form in the night sky, last nights dream involved the opeing of a black hole inside this similar to the footage taken of the Norway Spiral event. These dreams felt very strange and although I can remember little else there was a distinct ET feel to them.

Looking back I was quite convinced David Wilcock was right when he blogged about his research which found some pretty interesting correlations between HAARP type testing not far from this site. Now a year on and after other similar activity early in 2010 and my dreams im not so sure now. I do think things have gone a little quite, there was such a buzz last year and there seemed to be so much going on with mass sightings of UFOs at the time. My dreams could be purely symbolic or a personal message but I do feel something is just around the corner.

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  1. Update! Found this on this morning... (13th December)

    SPIRAL ASTEROID: On Dec. 12th, the International Astronomical Union issued a telegram (CBET nr.2583) announcing the discovery of a spiral structure around main belt asteroid (596) Scheila. Steve Larson of the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) found the curious shape in images obtained Dec. 11th through the Catalina 0.68-m Schmidt telescope. Other observers have since confirmed the phenomenon. The following picture was taken on Dec. 12th by Italian astronomers Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero using a remotely-controlled 0.25m telescope in New Mexico:

    (See Spaceweather for pic)

    What's going on? There are at least two possibilities. (1) A small asteroid might have hit 596 Scheila, raising a cloud of dust which forms a nebula around the larger space rock. A 1-meter class impactor would be large enough to do the trick. (2) 596 Scheila might be a rare main belt comet, a body with the orbital characteristics of an asteroid and the physical characteristics of a comet. If so, a pocket of volatile ice might be vaporizing to produce the spiraling tail.

    How the tail evolves in the days ahead could provide important clues. Amateur astronomers with experience in asteroid imaging are encouraged to monitor developments. [3D orbit] [ephemeris (enter "Scheila" in the search box)]

  2. Interesting! Nice dreams :) Dreams are becoming so much more vivid and powerful these days. Thanks for sharing :)

    Seems like you predicted the Asteroid! :)