Saturday, 23 October 2010

Star Heritage Cards - Sneak Preview!

Im really excited about the creation of the Star Heritage Cards by Lyssa Royal, author of many books on galactic history and new consciousness such as The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage and Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciousness. Some of you may know her for this years webcast event Experience Contact with Paranormal Matrix. Lyssa is near completing a 20+ year dream she has had to produce a set of divination/oracle cards based on her many years of work channeling information about galactic history, ET civilizations and interstellar human origins.

Ive been on the look out for an oracle card deck which had a ET theme and which would appeal to Starseeds. There is little on the market, some scary themed tarot decks or very dated 50's B movie style graphics, nothing with high vibration colours or spirituality. Lyssa has been working with her own cards she made herself and has been doing workshops for some time so that people could learn to use this tool to help discover more about their own star linage, origins and off world past lives. Lyssa wanted to create some cards which would enable people to find out for themselves as planetary origins is such a big thing for starseeds. Then we have to look at karmic resolution and how current events in our lives may relate to ancient timelines.

Lyssa has comissioned the artwork by artists David Cow. These are some of the designs which have been released before the deck is to be printed in Japan. There are 108 cards in the deck and it is looking like a 2011 release for the full English language version. The cards are in more than one language as you can see but the instruction booklet will not be. Im hoping there will be a way round that but we will have to see, im pretty good at intuitive interpretation especially when key words are shown on cards but it would be nice to see all the background info.

For those who wish to know more I highly recomend you get a copy of  The Prism of Lyra which is now out of print but available as an ebook for Kindle which should work on most computers. Im told the cards will also form some kind of geometric pattern and grid when laid out next to eachother. The artwork looks almost holographic to me and very symbolic. To keep up to date with further anouncements please sign up for Lyssa's newsletter or become a fan of her on Facebook.

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  1. Yes I just added some new pics above, looks like there is an entire suit for each major star system.

  2. Just to update those who read this blog, that these cards are still not released in full English format but are supposed to come out in 2012. No news recently by accroding to the Lyssa Royal FB page, we could email the publishers which may help them speed up a bit! Here is the email: publishing at lighttechnology​.com

  3. Hi, I just pre-ordered the now titled 'Galactic Heritage Cards' from the publisher with a 35% holiday discount! They are expected to be released in Feb 2013. I dont know how long the sale will last so if you were thinking about these, now is the best time: