Sunday, 10 October 2010

My Journey Writing a Book on Crystals

It seems lately allot of people have been asking me about the book ive been writing and it occurred me last night I rarely talk about this on my blog. Shortly after my awakening a few years ago I started to receive detailed information from crystals. I had loved crystals most my life but at no point could I claim to be able to really sense the energy or communicate with them.

That all changed one day with a regular piece of Quartz crystal I had received in the post. I started to download information in the form of words, images and feelings and it was so powerful I had to sit down. What came with this energetic packet of information was a past life memory and the entire process of accessing or being given this information has always seemed to feel like something 'ive done before'. I believe this information is ultimately from my higher self and multidimensional aspects and incarnations.

I had started a spiritual journal around the time of my awakening so it was easy for me to record my experiences with the crystals. I was drawn from one crystal to the next and my notes became more and more detailed. I soon realised this information concerning the metaphysical properties, healing powers and ancient information stored inside the crystals themselves just couldn't be for just me! Much of the things the crystals told me I was unfamiliar with and it felt like I was being given this info for other people to work with. I didnt set out to write a book but that appears to be what has happened.

Many of the crystals and stones I was guided to were recently discovered, unusual and carried higher vibrational energies. Other crystals seemed to be telling me they were evolving or opening up more as our consciousness expands, so I feel this is partly the reason this information came through to me. There are deeper levels to the crystals which are ignored or not being used as I understand it. My other major focus is to encourage people to tune into the crystals and experience them for themselves and never just follow what I or others have said. Crystals do affect everyone differently and that always overrides a general guide to their properties.

As I was working full time most of this period , I've been writing when I had the time and in my free time. The book has evolved and become much bigger than I had envisioned and taken much longer than I thought. I have now finished it and am now working on editing it and putting things together into some kind of order. I cant be sure how long this will take me at the moment but ill keep you posted.


© Ivan G - 2010

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