Saturday, 18 September 2010

UFO Sightings and Strange Dreams

Its been a little while since my last blog so I thought id share some of the recent events. Its been really hectic lately, first we were moving/relocating then we weren't then we were again... Its been very stressful but currently I am moving so will be closing my crystal store for about 10 days from Monday and may be offline for a short while.

Red UFOs seen by me and my family!

Last month in the evening but just before dark I saw a bright orange red light moving across the sky. It was quite big and got bigger as it seemed to be coming towards the house. As it got closer I could still only see it as a red orb light and it didn't flash and there was no object behind or above it like a plane. It passed over my house so I ran to the back window and saw it disappear into the distance.

When I returned to my room I saw another one coming from the same direction, I called my sister and we both watched it take the same path. Over the period of an hour me, my sister and my parents all watched these bright lights. My mum who is not really into the UFO thing thought they could be planes lol but there was no way. They were low enough to see they were not satellites and there was no noise either. and The only thing I thought they could be is those Chinese Lanterns but it wasn't windy on ground level and these traveled fast, plus they were very bright. Im still not sure if they were UFOs.

Second Sun/Blue Star Prophecy Dream

This isn't the first time in the last year that i've dreamt of large star like object appearing in the sky. This dream I was walking from a log cabin style building at night through a wood. As I looked up at the overcast night sky everything was illuminated by the Moon behind the clouds, or so I thought.

First I noticed that the 'Moon' was very blue white and had possibly moved. Then I saw what I first thought was the Sun behind the clouds on the other side of the sky. An orange white light several times bigger shone light onto the blanket of clouds. This one wasnt even round, it looked more oval and it was the middle of the night. I do not remember much more, I think I ran back to tell people there were these lights in the sky. They could have been star ships or they could have been astronomical events I am not sure.

Stargazing and more UFOs!

The other night me and my sister went out to look at the stars as it was a rare clear night here and still warm. We saw several shooting stars but one thing really caught our attention. As we looked towards the Big Dipper/The Plough constellation a bright star like object began to pass it. It seemed to come out of nowhere and unlike similar lights this one 'powered up' by increasing its brightness many times, it then reduced to a small star size and became fainter. It was too slow for a meteor.

We even saw a small star like object in the easter sky later this one didnt change its brightness but faded, my sister saw it change directions but id lost sight of it by then. She was asking allot of questions and was puzzled as how so many of these lights were flying about but hardly anyone seemed to notice.

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  1. i had no idea what a merkaba was until i had a dream of one...i gave a brief explanation to my boyfriend about the strange star like think floating in the sky...about a week later we were surfing and we stumbled on a page with a picture of the merkaba...i said that was what was in my dream....i still don't know what i'm meant to do about that :) thanks for this post!

  2. Sounds like an important synchonicity, when you get info downloaded into a dream that you didnt know existed you realise there is a higher power at work...

  3. Hi
    I have stumbled on all of this tonight. I have always dreamt of stars and gazed at them. From the time I was a little girl. Star constellations move suddenly and change position, sometimes they fly down to the earth. These dreams are momentous and terrifying.
    Once I dreamt that I was light outside my body and I was out in deep space with coloured lights, (beings) around me. A group of stars moved in unison and changes position and a voice of one of my companions said "There. Now it begins." Only it was not a dream. This happened - I know I was there.
    But the most momentous dream was of a strange dark metallic grey tetra star that rolled over and over as it flew. I have just found out it is a merkaba. I was a little kid when I had that dream!!!!!