Sunday, 8 August 2010

Things are finally falling into place

Been a while since I did a blog so thought id update. Last month was pretty chaotic and explosive for most people but this month so far has been another key month. There have and will be very important planetary alignments including the T cross, there have been CMEs hitting the Earth magnetic field and many people are feeling 'the sway'. I have days where I feel almost dizzy or exhausted and then I get moments where I feel on top of the world, very clear and aware things are progressing in a better direction for me.

I have had occasional glimpses when I ground to the centre of the Earth of what I think is the new Earth, possibly the 5D Earth or beyond. There are big plants there, in many ways its hard to imagine how this place could be so transformed.

Ive started to reconnect with people I went to school with 25 years ago. I used to live in the south and I moved when I was young, I lost touch with everyone. I have been getting memories back from my childhood and it has really helped me process the sadness I felt when we left.

For a while now I have wanted to move to York, and now things have finally been put in motion so that I can now relocate. I will be moving with my family for now but hopefully ill be able to get to the point where I can get my own place. I love this city and have really been cut off from things the last few years. York is an amazing city, with so much history, its also the most haunted city in Europe. Im now thinking that I may have lived there in a past life, I was told by Higher Self id lived there before. There is a ley line that runs through the city from Knights Templar ground. Luckily I will not be directly on the line, but I feel I am somehow meant to work in the area because of the energy centres. Maybe it has to do with 2012 or maybe it just needs a clean up job, because of all the stuff thats happened there.

Last month I also made a powerful connection with someone I knew in a past life which was off world. I have been blown away by the fact we remembered the same things, things nobody could every know. Things are finally falling into place.

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