Thursday, 1 July 2010

An Experience with a Zeta (Piercing The Veil)

This happened to me a couple of months ago now, I have only spoken to one person about this until now and feel its best to talk about these things so we can all learn. I have never had any interactions with these types of beings before, nor have I had a similar experience like this in my entire life. This is one of the most powerful and paranormal experiences of my life.

I do remember that night as I was about to go to sleep I could feel my third eye begin to activate a little, which I usually feel as a pressure in that area. The first thing I remember that was that I had a dream that night where I was in my garden looking up at the night sky. I could see the constellation of the big dipper and also saw the blue stars of the Pleiades cluster, but thats all I remember of it.

The next thing I remember was being awakened by the sensation of my Third Eye activating. Ive never had this happen before and the pressure continued to grow in between my eyes. I lay there with my eyes shut as the sensation spread out to the whole of my forehead, then inside my head until my entire head was buzzing. I didnt know what to think but it felt like my head was going to explode!

I opened my eyes and looked up towards the end of my bedroom and was immediately drawn to a shape which began to form out of thin air. Near the ceiling a moon white crescent began to appear or the top of a circle. I am not 100% sure but I could have been experiencing sleep paralysis as my body was rigid and I was transfixed by this image. If you can imagine it was as if the fabric of reality was slipping away and a veil was dropping in front of something. As I watched the rounded shape was clearly the top of someone,s head. I could then see as it continued to materialise the shape of someones brow but with no eyebrows.

My head was still buzzing with energy at this point and I was aware that my Third Eye was allowing me to see someone. Then the eyes appeared, big black almond shaped eyes and a thin nose... Its skin was white and although it was there in my room it was not really as solid as a human, it had an etheric nature and it would have been maybe 8' or 9' tall if it wasnt floating.

At this point I went into shock and started to panic about what it was and what was happening to me. I freaked out because it was a gray. I somehow managed to snap out of it and move my head, shaking it and pushing myself away from the end of the bed. Im not sure if it disappeared at that point but I had actually turned my head to the side and shut my eyes, my heart was like a drum in my head. Some how I managed to go to sleep and in the morning I was very annoyed with myself for letting fear take over. I was also well aware the being had done nothing to scare me and felt bad that I reacted like that to it.

Its like so many of us want full clairvoyance, we think we are ready for it, like I did but what would you really do if something appeared in front of you at night or hovered above your bed? Its easy to say you would be ok, I thought that too. I do not have issues with the Zeta, I used to be a bit scared of them when I was younger and I had read about abductions but in recent years I decided you cant generalise or judge a being like that. But clearly there are some fears I am not consciously aware of to cause me to react like that. Although the experience seemed 100% real at the time, doubt has crept in and I cant be 100% sure I was not in some altered state or lucid dreaming but the experience remains the same. Nothing similar has happened since this experience.

The image I chose above is almost identical to what I saw. Interestingly this Zeta type entity is a very tall being in the book who was a founder, an ancient higher dimensional being which may have supplied the blueprint for similar looking beings such as the Greys or Zetas.

© Ivan G - 2010


  1. This is very interesting. You know, sometimes I think I'm seeing something in the corner of my eye or beginning to see something - but then I always say NO, I don't want to see anything. But I do! I just wish it would happen daytime so I wouldn't have to be so scared.

    I'm really glad they're at least sending me numeric messages (but who are they??) because I want to keep communicating and learning.

  2. I have seen a few things, some on a regular basis since my awakening a few years ago. I see orbs and some darker forms, but they are pretty easy to deal with as they dont have faces!

    If you see fluttering movements out the corner of your eye, that is you seeing beings, I see these too but more in the daytime. Maybe ask your guides/higher self for daylight experiences if your ready.

  3. PS. Based on this experience of yours, I think you might be interested in my latest post: Gods and UFOs. Or maybe you have some opinion.