Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Collective Shadow

I just watched The Shadow Effect for the second time since I got it on DVD a while back. I think this is as important as What the Bleep and the secret movies were but offerers something completely different. The film isnt about manifesting or making money, its about the shadow side of human nature and the devastating effects of bottling your emotions or not dealing with negativity effectively.

How many times do we hear about how some perfectly respectable person who appears to have the perfect life that just does something crazy, gets involved in some scandal or goes out and kills a load of random people? Why is it that certain people go into melt down and self sabotage? why is it that people flip out over some "celebrity" or project so much hate at some public figure, author or youtuber? I think Debbie Ford and the speakers on this film have a big part of that answer.

I was recently involved in a debate along with several others via email which was being openly forwarded to 190 members of an internet forum (you know who you are). As far as I was concerned the issue was about people having their rights taken away and being discriminated against by certain people on another website. Obviously things were brought to light which were not pretty so people could make informed choices. Sadly one of the members who didnt think anything wrong was being done at the site responded that the discussion was "being negative"... I think this is a big problem in the spiritual community and something many lightworkers will have to learn if they want to get anything done down here. I could have backed out because it was 'negative' but im glad I didnt and glad people could see the hard facts if they chose to look at them.

I had a look for the trailer for this movie the other day as I was thinking of doing a blog about it. I looked down at the comments to see several Debbie Downer comments and mindless rants. What was ironic was none of those people had seen the movie and if they actually knew what it was about instead of making assumptions and complaining that the secret movie was "a scam" and that they are victims of life they would not have even commented. They are doing exactly what the movie is about and this film will help you make sense of these outbursts or even personal attacks in your life.

Its not just about 'them' its about you and me and some of the real life stories are pretty heart wrenching. I think when you hear how someone was put in a concentration camp as a child or disowned by her parents for not being ethnicly 'pure' enough or being sexually abused by religious authorities it can really put things in perspective. The most interesting part of The Shadow Effect is it explains the barbaric and seemingly 'unhuman' cruelty we see around the world and offers a solution. What I liked about this film is it isnt about new age ideas but psychology so can be shared with friends and family.

Combine this info with with the concepts of ascension, past life trauma and 2012 and you will get a much clearer and bigger picture than focusing your energy on blaming certain individuals, entities or groups. Or expecting the world to be magicly transformed before your eyes with no work or effort on your part. Some people may question why I look at whats going on in the world but as far as im concerned my philosophy is that everything I see going on the outside is a reflection of OUR collective inner world.

Peace one day,

© Ivan G - 2010

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