Sunday, 30 May 2010

Volcanos, Energy Shifts & Dreams

Energy Shifts & Super Nutrition

There has been allot going on in the last couple of month so thought id update before I get too far behind. I think at some point in April there was an energy shift, this one was very strong and caused many people including myself to feel like id been hit by a brick, lacked energy and had a foggy head. Id already been drawn to look into superfoods and nutrition again and had lots of synchnocity with that. I had started to go off eating meat, milk had started to taste different, im drinking more water and I actually wanted to eat more fruit and veg. When I asked my guides more about all this they told me that this was no coincidence and that there had been an energy shift and that as the vibration had altered, I was seeking out higher vibration foods to adjust to these changes.

After that I really started to change what I ate, im experimenting with different superfoods, some of which id tried before but didnt like, but now my taste has changed... I also noticed the same message coming from others who seemed to be hinting that we should be more careful what we consume as it will ultimately make new cells in our bodies. As ive included new and more healthy foods into my diet ive actually noticed the difference already. The energy shift problems disappeared, I have more energy, im more awake, grounded and my minds clearer. Ive started Yoga again and am doing that 3 times a week, im more motivated and its not a chore like it used to be. I will go into exactly what im doing in another blog.

Volcanos & Earth Changes

The other things thats been going on is the Earth Changes, 2010 has been a shaky ride but the Volcano in Iceland really put things into perspective. When it first errupted I did tell people but most just didnt think it meant anything, they stare back into their iphones or update their facebook status with dazed eyes and blank expressions. When it went off again thats when it got their attention, suddenly they wanted to know why no planes could come in our out of the UK, why their relatives were stranded in other countries and what about the holiday they had already paid for? The whole thing was really eye opening, despite Icelands track record with eruptions affecting England and Europe in the past not one of us had ever been made aware of it. Nobody told me in my history class, which isnt really surprising but the average person was suddenly wondering why we had never been told of this.

After a week or two it really became clear the modern human we have been conditioned into being was just too reliant on air transport. As my sister has said to me before, people just cant comprehend despite how evolved and advanced we think we are, we are still at mercy of the elements! The last time the volcano erupted it went on for 2 years. I have not seen any starry nights here in weeks and weeks.

On a positive note some things did happen over here they wont have told you on the news. Because of the flight bans we had clear skies (yes really) no chem trails from planes! I had not seen such a streak free blue and white sky since my early childhood in the 80s.

My Volcano Dream

I had a dream earlier in the month which was very powerful for me. I totally understand that it may have just been from the recent events but ill share as im really now starting to wonder. In my dream I was watching these News updates on TV, they were showing that two volcanos had erupted in close proximity to each other. Now I had heard that in the past when Eyjafjallajokull has erupted a nearby volcano would too, but in my dream I dont remember where this was but suspected Iceland because of this.

The News reports were all reporting because of a third volcano was near these and it was filling with lava and this was very dangerous due to its size or something. Then I experienced or saw this third volcano erupting and sending a huge torrent of lava into the sky. Thats all I remember.

Putting it all Together (or Taking it all apart)

Ive always felt 2010 was going to be an interesting year, Mayan elders have predicted the 'big shaking' of the Earth and its all happened. Now the Guatemala volcano has erupted and for those who havent heard another volcano has just erupted in Ecuador (Photo at top). Remember theses places may seem far away from you but as we found out they can still effect you if the wind blows the wrong way and are linked to global cooling. What most people dont realise is the Earth is currently being hit by CME's from our more active Sun which are causing a geomagnetic storm right now. We just had a red full Moon here (volcanic ash?) and ive been told of various astrological alignments in astrology and the Mayan Calendar have or will come into play. Unless things change soon I think there is a high possibility of a second volcano in Iceland and possibly a third, if not then other volcanos will likely follow. The recent BP oil disaster is also very significant, accident or not people are starting to wonder whether we really need to use these unsustainable types of fuels. The current theme is Earth is releasing and spewing things so it seems to me that this is reflecting our need to release and let go of emotional pain, anger and old societal programs.

The Earth is alive,

© Ivan G - 2010


  1. I guess I'm a little off topic here, but eating clean (long story short: if you can't kill it or grow it, don't eat it) has a fantastic effect on how your body and mind works!

    I discovered the "art" of a healthy diet roughly 6 months ago and it has improved my concentration, physical ability and overall wellness by a great deal. People who consume McDonalds on a daily basis sure don't know what they're missing.

  2. You seem to have found the same thing I have with foods. I am eating less processed and dead foods and more living foods.

  3. Yes, precisely. I never thought of it that way though... dead and living foods? How simple! Perhaps it influences the structure, and energy level of newborn cells? I'm no scientist but this stuff seems worth looking into.