Friday, 23 April 2010

Your Emotional Body: Your greatest asset, 'Their' greatest fear

I just wanted to bring up something which I feel is vitally important for everyone now more than ever. This is your Emotional Body. Years ago someone I knew who was exploring the spiritual world told me something that ill never forget. They said that a spiritual teacher had told them that to ascend they had to be emotionless...

Although it didnt mean much to me at the time, I do remember thinking something was not right with this information. Yes we can allow our emotions to take control of us and we all know that the media loves to use them to hook our attention but are they really bad?

Humans are a funny species because we have highly developed Emotional Bodys, there are some beings who do not have our range of emotions which is fine (for them). So what im saying is we have created a society which has taught us to believe that emotions should be controlled, supressed or hidden. At the same time these repressed emotions are being pulled about by the media and our governments. Men have been encouraged to hide all their emotions, I believe for the main purpose of breeding emotionless soldiers for our governments endless wars.

Be very very careful of anyone who teaches you that you should be emotionless. Most people are wandering around like zombies as it is. There is nothing wrong with being human although the powers that be dont want this as it makes you unpredictable and hard to control. Im not here to tell you why people have channeled beings who say we need to be emotionless to ascend, you can figure that out for yourself.

You are far better expressing your emotions than stuffing them and thinking this gives you some kind of guru status. People will not relate to you if you have no emotions, feel deeply and dont apologize for it.

Be real,

© Ivan G - 2010


  1. Great post Ivan. I don't believe that we can be emotionless, even if we were to try. All we would end up doing in that quest would be to so highly suppress our emotions, that we would cease to be really living (as you say, zombies!), and instead become the completely lifeless automatons our egoic and socialised conditioning wishes us to become.

    In truth I feel that it is not through the control nor the suppression of emotions that leads us to true liberation, but through the authentic expression and through being truly aware of the emotions within and the expression of these that will bring us to the liberation of our inner truths. One can definitely argue that discernment itself requires an emotional vitality to be both awakened and alive within us.

    C. :)

  2. Very interesting blog, just found you via Saul. I think I've seen you somewhere before.

    I agree that what you described above sounds like bad channeling or an evil spirit calling.