Friday, 30 April 2010

Starseeds, Indigos & Wayshowers Speaking Out

One thing id like for people to consider more is really making social media and networking work for them. I know allot of us are watching interesting people on youtube who have something really powerful to say whether it be about the state of the world, spirituality or just sharing their own awakening experiences. These people are brave souls because if you see the stick they get from the nay-sayers, religious fanatics, whiners, witch-hunters and common internet trolls, you really have to hand it to them. I remember when I first started visiting youtube years ago, there was very little spiritual or alternative info on there, now we have people who are brave enough to talk about things that most people dont understand or would ridicule.

I know its something I as yet couldnt do, so I prefer to communicate through blogging and forums but I would say if you are seeing good videos or know of a good youtube channel, dont keep them to yourself! If like most people I know have a youtube profile that hasnt been touched since you joined and has most your info set to private, consider updating it today. You can share the channels you enjoy and your favorite videos with people from your profile.

You could let people know about things by sharing your thoughts on your own blog. The more we connect and use social media and networking, the bigger the web of light will get. A video or blog you share with someone could change their whole perspective or give someone that insight or message they were looking for. By sharing this information you can help others find alternative sources of information and news.

The awakening process and the spiritual path isnt supposed to be all about 'Me' and what You need. If you dont support these people who do bring this stuff out then they may just stop, by sharing their work you are boosting their confidence and making them feel it was worth while putting themselves out there. We are supposed to be connected so dont expect others to supply you with this stuff without giving something back. Make your Linkconnections and help change the consciousness proactively. We dont want to sit around in the same old world forever.

Here are some enlightening and informative youtubers whos channels you might want to take a look at and subscribe to:

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  1. I've noticed via my blog that many people who were not into these things before are now awakening. It seems to be happening rapidly all around. And you are right, we should support each other and spread the message. After all, collective awakening is just as important as your own. I'm trying to do exactly that with my blog, trying to raise the interest of those still "sleeping".

  2. Hi Helena, yes ive noticed in the last few years people are more sccepting of these ideas and more people are awakening and questioning things more. Its a good sign. I will check out ur blog =)

  3. Totaly agree, what aamazing tool we have with the internet to able to communicate on a global level, which i see it like creating the noosphere, a global conciouness that we all can connect to our fellow brothers and sisters and bring forth the message of the shift of ages.