Friday, 19 March 2010

Chakra Clearing & Etheric Upkeep

This is just an update of a few things that have been going on in my life in the last month or so. I have been working on clearing emotional blocks and recoding and activating my DNA since the end of Summer. Its been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster with periods where not allot seemed to be happening then a bombshell would drop. A few weeks ago I was just thinking how I was coming to the end of this and was wondering if I had worked through enough blocks and released people from my past of any blame or resentment. Things have been quiet even though ive had allot to keep me occupied with the changes that have come into my life at the end of last year.

Then all hell broke lose and its reminded me that I have plenty to work through and some big emotional blocks and fears to work through and let go of. With all the drama and changes I had neglected something which recent events have managed to remind me. I used to do Chakra Clearing and Cord Cutting meditations quite regularly and have gradually stopped doing them. When I discovered Kundalini Yoga which is very Chakra based I used that to maintain a clear Chakra system and aura but ive also not been doing that for months certainly not a regular routine like I used to.

During periods of intense change and spiritual transformation its vital to do something to keep the energy body, aura and chakras clear. This is because they are working with much more than usual and can clog up with dense energies. After doing a Chakra Clearing meditation I felt allot better and cord cutting is also highly recommended. This is to cut etheric cords which connect you to people and even places which hold you back or drain you. Its easy to feel you dont need to do this stuff but you may end up having to learn the hard way. Someone can easily argue they do not need to wash but we all know they do regardless of whether they believe it or not.

If you are awakening, going through a personal transformation or shift in your life id say you need to do 'something' to keep your chakras clear and light. Why do you want to carry all the extra crap in your aura? We have enough to deal with without the dark energies of the world we live in, people who impose their energies on others or who drain you. This is kind of like an energetic or etheric upkeep because you cant avoid these people, energies or situations and no amount of shielding stops your own fears and worries building up inside your aura!

There is a CD (now on my ipod) I got years ago around my awakening, infact I think it may have had allot to do with my psychic development and spiritual awakening. You can get this CD with a small book which explains really well the workings of the Chakras or just the CD on its own. The CD has 2 meditations which are really visualizations, one for morning one for night, which clear and balance the chakras and empower you with positive affirmations and align you with your higher self. This is Doreen Virtue's Chakra Clearing which you can get most bookshops or online.

Its the best one ive ever used and although it may seem easier to imagine the chakras filling up with white light or whatever, my guess is if your like me you wont be as motivated in a relaxed state to do it all, it really helps to have someone guide you through it as you will enter a slightly altered state. If I still havent convinced you then consider this, while your clogged up with emotional and psychic junk its much harder to hear your internal guidance and guides. Simply clearing your chakras once a week can actually awaken or sharpen your natural born psychic abilities.


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