Sunday, 21 February 2010

Balanceworkers - Good Vs Evil?

I recently had a chat with someone who id kind of introduced to the concept of Polarity Integration and my view point on what ill simplify for ease of understanding and visual ease as the forces of light and dark. What I noticed was this person later said a few things which just revealed to me that they didnt really get-it at all. I was a bit disappointed but now I realise that they wont untill the right time and life has show them this so they know it as their truth.

The first time id come across the concept of the balance of light and dark in a way that made some sense to me and the universe around me was when I read Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal. It didnt sink in at first, in fact it shocked me, id read allot of spiritual and new age books and heard many people in the field but none had mentioned any value in the dark and encouraged that I get rid of it fast or avoid at all costs...

Although many people see themselves as Lightworkers in the last couple of years ive not felt comfortable with the term and id also seen it abused and even used in a very us against them kind of way. On top of that there is the damage caused by not recognising the shadow side of yourself and stuffing so called "bad" feelings under the carpet...

Im not going to try and explain the nature of good and evil, light and dark and the many shades of grey that exist in between here. What I wanted to bring up was a term i hadnt even heard about till this morning. I knew some people have been using the term lightbearer instead of lightworker but these dont feel like they come from my understanding or what im doing here. The term id just heard which I think many people might identify with is Balanceworker. I did some searching online and found a very interesting post by a shaman which I think explains this more integrated view which I still feel many new age people misunderstand, dismiss or judge. Please have a read and think about this, it was in resopnse to another persons views.

Even the phrase "Those who freely use the dark and shadow" misses the
point of those of us who take a different perspective of the Light vs.
Dark discussion. It's not necessarily that we "use" the dark and
shadow, so much as we are willing to work in it and find what
treasures may be found in it. Although we have a healthy respect for
the Dark and the damage that it can do, we do not fear it, because we
develop skills to effectively work in it. (I suggest that many who
call the Dark "Evil" do so because they lack the skills, and get hurt
by the Dark, and develop a fear of it.) We also respect the Light,
and the damage it can do, as well (and if you don't think Light can do
damage, I recommend some additional introspection on the subject).

I would call us "Balance Workers", who go where there is need. Often,
the greatest need is in the Dark, and we go into the Dark, without
judgment, to bring what healing is needful. Jesus hung out with
"publicans and sinners" and was condemned for it by the "righteous".
But he turned around and said that many "sinners" were more righteous
than those who followed the Law of God to the letter.

As for Good and Evil? Well, I'm not so convinced that they are all
they're cracked up to be. I don't see people as being good or evil. I
see the wounded and I see the whole, and all different degrees of
wounding. I also sometimes see the completely broken, who, for
whatever reason, are beyond healing in this life. Adolf Hitler and
Heinrich Himmler were likely in that category. Psychologists call it
"Conduct Disorder". There are people with literally no moral
conscience. You may call it "Evil" and perhaps rightly so. I choose
to call it "mental illness".

But, barring that, people with moral conscience get wounded. And
wounds need healing. Many of those wounds are in the Darkness... a
Darkness that is often CREATED by the Light. That's why we call it
"Shadow". A Shadow exists where the Light is occluded. A Lightworker
might say, "Then remove the occlusion!" But the occlusion is the Soul
itself, and can not be removed. The "Light", in these cases, is most
often that of Judgment, which when applied to the Self, is Shame and
Guilt. ONLY people with a moral conscience feel these things, and
they cast aspects of their own Soul that the Light deems to be
"undesirable" into the Shadow as they try to rid themselves of them.
But these aspects do not go away. They become "Shadow Aspects".
Often, the brighter the Light one projects on the surface (and usually
outward), the darker the Shadow they have within.

As a Shaman, I aid in "soul retrieval", which mostly involves
exploring the Shadow to recover these lost aspects of Self. Because,
no matter how undesirable the Light has deemed them to be, they have
value. To recover them, we often have to tell those Light Aspects to
dim themselves.

I could go on, but this is getting too long already. Oh, and I
empathize with those who feel really offended by the attacks from the
"Light-siders". This work I do in the Darkness of the Soul is
positive, healing work. I am certain that others who have taken a
stance against these attacks from the Light are doing similar work, or
at least see the value in the kind of work I do. I don't appreciate
having my valuable work dismissed, denigrated, and accused of being

Kevin 'Solus' Mark
Priest, Shamanic Soul Coach


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  1. Balanceworker - I like that. But there's so much darkness on our planet now that lightbearers are needed. I know that we should accept the darkness inside of us but we don't have to act upon it.

  2. Hi Helena, its more about bringing balance away from extreme darkness by working through issues rather than hiding from them. It isnt that you go out and do dark deeds or anything like that. Over polerization to the light creates problems like only one accepted worldview, lack of individuality and inability to deal with alternative viewpoints. Also dark and light is like yin and yang, technology and nature, the problem is when one side fights the other which charges the polarity causing more problems.