Friday, 1 January 2010

Book Review: Horoscopes & Astral Diaries for 2010

Last year was the first year that I decided to become more aware of the influences of the astrological cycles in my life. Lets face it for thousands of years those who were privileged to consult a personal astrologer were usually Royalty, Warriors or the Elite. Its only become more easily available knowledge in the last Century and most people don’t even have access to their birth chart which is where the more personal qualities we have that separate us from other people of the same sign exist.

I have never been a big fan of newspaper/magazine or now online daily horoscopes. People who used astrology in the past would have found the idea a bit pointless. This is because the whole point was to give you advance look at possible trends to plan things better. If your reading about it on the day, its probably too late. So that’s why I think these types of books are a good way for people to use some of this knowledge for themselves without having to pay for a personal astrologer.

Ive used a few books so this is my review as its coming to that time of year when I think many of us are wondering what they will be doing in 2010 and considering how to better manage their time and set some goals. From someone coming from a more new age perspective I am no fatalist. Whats interesting is that astrology has moved with the consciousness of the people and that we are in control of our lives and that all this really is, is like a weather forcast of planetary and astral(from the stars) energies. How we respond to them is up to us. The theory is that if you take advantage of these flows rather than fighting against the natural current/cycles you may be more successful in life. Another interesting development or I suspect re-development is that astrologers are now recognising the importance and interest in the Moon’s role in our lives. Lets face it, the Moon moves through the zodiac faster than all the other heavenly bodies, its about the inner you and your moods and emotions.

I have selected 3 books which are fairly easily obtainable, one which has been going for many years, a more modern book and a not so well known alternative take on astrology.

Your Personal Astology Planner by Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

The Astrology Planner is the main rival for Old Moore's and hasn’t been around for long. Two of the worlds leading astrologers teamed up to create this range of books. Each month starts with a written overview, then there is a more in depth look at important periods and dates. At the end of the chapter is a calendar with reminders of these key times marked in. They also introduce something they call ‘Super Nova Days’. This is when there is so many astrological influences that things could get very confusing and even chaotic so rest is advised and caution in making important choices.

My main issue with this book was that at times I felt the information given wasn’t clear and so general I wasn’t always sure I could use it. The other thing I would have liked to see was key dates for good days for certain areas of life, perhaps marked on the planner as symbols for quick reference. I did like how the Astrologers included compatibility info, had the last few months of the previous year and include Chiron the asteroid in their interpretations.

Reading the Language of the Cosmos by Sheila Z. Stirling

This is an alternative to traditional astrology. The author combines western astrology with Kabbala and a heavy focus on lunar influences. Most of the book explains in detail how this comes together and what the phases of the moon mean, and the importance of the retrogrades. For each month a calendar is given with the dates of full and new moons at the top. Marked on each day is the star sign in which the Moon occupies on that day and what they call a ‘void of course’, where the Moon moves into another sign on the same day. Unlike other books there is only one regardless of your Star Sign.

How it works is that you have to then look up the influences and guidance for the moon being in a certain sign. I do like her style of writing but essentially you are just reading 12 paragraphs over and over. It might have been better to have key words on the days for quick reference. What I also didn’t get was that all the dates and guidance for Mercury and other planets going retrograde was also separate and not even marked on the calendars!? You would either fill this in yourself in the book or on a wall calendar which seemed a waste. Ive so far found the info to be accurate and the main part of the book is very insightful but would have liked an easier overview and more detail, is a full moon in Scorpio the same meaning as a new moon in Scorpio? I don’t think so!

Old Moore's Horoscope Daily Astral Diary

Now I just got this and the only reason I didnt buy one in the past was because I expected it to be old fashioned and the daily horoscope wasn’t something I felt I would need. Old Moores has been around for a long long time and they use a team of English Astrologers. There is quite a bit at the beginning that explains the importance of your ascendant, position of your planet and Moon sign, even cusps are explained (im Libra on the cusp of Scorpio with most my planets in Scorpio). Responding to the need for more lunar astrology, Old Moores goes into allot of detail on this. Each month has several at-a-glance charts, graphs and symbols. One of these is a Lunar Energy Rhythm Chart which shows a graph of how the moon affects you and your energy through the entire month, hights lows and best and worst days. Other charts give an overview of what to expect or capitalise on each month, a symbol is used to note very important dates and the mercury symbol denotes each day of the mercury retrograde. A weekly chart also helps you see at a glance the positive or negative influences on key areas of your life, love, finance, career and vitality. On top of this a daily horoscope entry is given for each day of the year with a focus on 'guidance'.

For me the Old Moores book is the best because it covers allot of areas and was the easiest to use. The simple charts and graphs are exactly what im looking for and give me an at-a-glance overview. Key dates are highlighted so you can easily plan things without having to read the through the entire month. The more in depth info on your sign and compatiblity are great and so far the daily info is both accurate and practical to apply.

Heres to making the most of 2010, with astrology or not!


  1. Good Day!

    I'm focused on developing further understanding as well as discovering the purpose and significance that I have.
    Must recently I noticed that my natal Chart has a Merkaba/'Star of David' as well as a 'Mystic retangle' and 'Plow' sacred geometries in my birth/natal chart.

    Any understanding of the significance?

  2. Hi David, sounds interesting but no, astrology looks like a huge science to learn and ive only just touched the surface. Id seek out an astrologer or join an astrology forum where they do free interpretations from members.